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The Caml Hump: Dyn


Dyn is a camlp4 syntax extension for Ocaml that scaffolds injection and projection functions to an from dynamicaly typed values (`dyn`), reifies ocaml type representation in run-time inspectable values (`dtd`), provides camlp4 quotations/antiquotations to work with `dyn`s and `dtd`s. When the `pa_dyn` syntax is loaded it adds a new `type_conv` type processor that can be called by appending `with dyn` after a type definition (e.g. `type t = ... with dyn`) three values are defined: val t_of_dyn : Dyn.Data.t -> t, val dyn_of_t : t -> Dyn.Data.t, val dtd_of_t : Dyn.DTD.t
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Author:Till Varoquaux.
Last modification date:05-Nov-2009
Development status:Development code
Kind: Camlp4 extensions
License: Open Source :: LGPL
Topic: Software development :: Language extensions