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Stog [20-Mar-2013, version 0.8.0, Beta] Has a documentation
Stog is a kind of Jekyll in OCaml: It is a static web site generator, able to handle blog posts as well as regular pages.
Author: Maxence Guesdon.
Native OCaml libraries
OCamlRSS [20-Mar-2013, version 2.1.0, Stable]
OCaml-RSS is an OCaml library providing functions to parse and print RSS 2.0 files.
Author: Maxence Guesdon.
Native OCaml libraries
Jane Street's core library [20-Mar-2013, version 109.14.00, Stable]
Jane Street's alternative to the standard library.
Native OCaml libraries
Riakc [20-Mar-2013, version 1.0.0, Beta]
Protobufs Riak client in Ocaml.
Author: Malcolm Matalka.
llpp [20-Mar-2013, version v15, Stable]
PDF viewer written in OCaml and mupdf.
Author: malc.
Native OCaml libraries
Barista [08-Mar-2013, version 2.0-beta, Beta] Has a documentation
Library for Java .class file manipulation. Also a command-line [dis]assembler for Java.
Author: Xavier Clerc.
Development tools
Piqi [21-Feb-2013, version 0.6.0, Beta]
Protocol Buffers, JSON and XML serialization".
Author: Anton Lavrik.
Development tools
Merlin [21-Feb-2013, Beta] Has a documentation
Merlin is a tool which providessmart completion, among other things, in your favorite editor. As of today, Vim and Emacs are supported.
Author: Frédéric Bour.
Native OCaml libraries
Sequence [21-Feb-2013, version 0.3.1, Beta]
Simple sequence abstract datatype, intented to transfer a finite number of elements from one data structure to another. Some transformations on sequences, like filter, map, take, drop and append can be performed before the sequence is iterated/folded on.
Author: Simon Cruanes.
Development tools
Reactive ML [12-Feb-2013, version 1.08.04, Stable] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
ReactiveML is a programming language dedicated to the implementation of interactive systems as found in graphical user interfaces, video games or simulation problems. ReactiveML is based on the synchronous reactive model of Boussinot embedded in an ML language (here OCaml). The synchronous reactive model provides synchronous parallel composition and dynamic features like the dynamic creation of processes. In ReactiveML, the reactive model is integrated at the language level (not as a library) which leads to safer and more natural programming.
Author: Louis Mandel.