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The Caml Hump: XML

Recently updated contribs

Older contribs

Native OCaml libraries
Xtmpl [19-Dec-2012, version 0.5, Beta]
Xtmpl is a small XML templating library for OCaml.
Author: Maxence Guesdon.
Native OCaml libraries
Galax [18-Feb-2005, version 0.5.0, Beta] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
Galax is an open-source implementation of XQuery 1.0, the W3C XML Query Language. Galax closely tracks the definition of XQuery 1.0 as specified by the W3C and also implements XPath 2.0, which is a subset of XQuery 1.0.
Bindings with C libraries
gdome2-xslt [11-Apr-2003, version 0.0.6, Alpha]
A C and Objective Caml library to apply XSLT stylesheets to gdome2 documents.
Bindings with C libraries
gmetadom [11-Apr-2003, version 0.2, Alpha]
A binding to gdome2, the GNU DOM Level 2 implementation.
Bindings with C libraries
lablgtkmathview [11-Apr-2003, version 0.4.1, Beta]
A lablgtk binding to GtkMathView, a Gtk widget to render MathML 2.0 documents.
Camlp4 extensions
IoXML [01-Feb-2002, version 0.6, Beta]
IoXML allows defining XML parsers and pretty-printers directly from data type definitions.