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The Caml Hump: Multimedia :: Audio


Applications written in Caml
Liquidsoap [11-Mar-2010, version 0.9.2-2, Stable] Has a documentation
Savonet is a set of open-source developments around audio stream generation (ogg/mp3/...), and particularly web-radios using Icecast. It is written in OCaml. The heart, liquidsoap, is a very powerful and flexible streaming language, abstracting over format, protocol, stream generation, manipulation and output. Allowing arbitrarily deep-nested composition of streams and easy extensibility, it gives you more power than you need for creating an original web-radio. But liquidsoap is still very light and easy to use, in the Unix tradition of many simple strong components working together.
Bindings with C libraries
Metaphone [16-Aug-2005, version 1.0, Stable]
Metaphone is an implementation of Lawrence Philips' Double Metaphone phonetic algorithm in OCaml. In fact it's just a very thin set of bindings around the original C++ implementation (with some bug fixes).
Native OCaml libraries
Mp3tag [16-Jan-2002, version 1.0, Stable] Has a documentation
A library containing functions to read or write mp3 tags.


Ensemble Juke Box [23-Aug-2002, version 0.9, Beta] Has a documentation
A distributed audio application designed to exchange high-quality audio data bewteen users on local area networks.
Authors: Jason Hickey and Mark Hayden.
Bindings with C libraries
GLCaml [25-Feb-2008, version 20080215, Beta] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
GLCaml ( is a compact set of Ocaml bindings to OpenGL versions 1.0 through 2.1, for Windows, Linux and OS-X. It also contains optional compact bindings for SDL (
Author: Elliot Oti.
Bindings with C libraries
OCaml-alsa [28-Nov-2006, version 0.1.3, Beta]
Bindings to the alsa library.
Author: Samuel Mimram.
Native OCaml libraries
ocaml-cry [11-Mar-2010, version 0.1.2, Beta] Has a documentation
Ocaml-cry is an OCaml native implementation of the protocols used to send source data to icecast and shoutcast servers. The main difference with the famous libshout implementation is that is allows to set custom fields for source headers, allowing in particular the use of any custom format. Also, contrary to libshout, this module does not handle synchronisation of the data sent to the server, which is then up to the programmer.
Author: Romain Beauxis.
Bindings with C libraries
OCaml-lame [28-Nov-2006, version 0.1.1, Beta]
Bindings to the lame library.
Author: Samuel Mimram.
Bindings with C libraries
ocaml-mad [28-Nov-2006, version 0.2.1, Beta]
Bindings for the mad library which provides functions for encoding wave audio files into mp3.
Author: Samuel Mimram.
Native OCaml libraries
OCaml-mp3id3 [28-Nov-2006, version 0.2.1, Beta]
OCaml functions for manipulating mp3 id3 tags.
Bindings with C libraries
OCaml-SFML [09-Aug-2010, version 0.03c, Beta]
OCaml binding for SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library). SFML is a free multimedia library that provides low and high level access to graphics, input, audio, etc.
Author: Florent Monnier.
Bindings with C libraries
ocaml-shout [15-Jan-2004, version 0.2.2, Beta]
Bindings for the shout library which provides functions for sending mp3 / ogg data to icecast 2 servers which are used to create streamed web-radios.
Author: Samuel Mimram.
Bindings with C libraries
ocaml-vorbis [28-Nov-2006, version 0.5.0, Beta]
Bindings for the ogg/vorbis library which provides functions for encoding, decoding and reading tags of ogg/vorbis files.
Author: Samuel Mimram.
Bindings with C libraries
OCamlSDL [05-Nov-2002, version 0.7.2, Beta] Has a Godi package
OCaml interface to the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. SDL is used for example by 3D games under Linux.
Bindings with C libraries
Pocengine [14-Mar-2005, version 0.2.0, Beta] Has a documentation
A game engine to help creating more games more easily. The engine is written mainly in Ocaml with some XML and LUA.
Author: Julien Boulnois.


Bindings with C libraries
libsndfile-ocaml [08-Jan-2007, Alpha]
Bindings to the libsndfile C library.

Development code

Bindings with C libraries
ocalibs [17-May-2004, Development code]
Ocalibs is a collection of libraries for the ocaml programming language, designed to make windows game development easier. It will support DirectX for graphics and ODE for physics.
Author: Jere Sanisalo.