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The Caml Hump: Communications and networking :: Other protocols

Native OCaml libraries
Bin-prot [13-May-2008, version 1.0.5, Stable]
A binary protocol generator.
Author: Markus Mottl.
Bindings with C libraries
Gammu [04-Jul-2011, version 0.9, Beta]
This is a binding to libGammu, which provides abstraction layer to work with different cell phones from different vendors.
Camlp4 extensions
json-static [05-Feb-2008, version 0.9.6, Beta] Has a Godi packageHas a documentation
Json-static is a companion for the json-wheel library. By reading a type definition, the preprocessor inserts code that converts between OCaml types (lists, arrays, tuples, objects, polymorphic variants, ...) and untyped JSON data. Those type definitions are written in a syntax which is very close to regular OCaml type definitions.
Author: Martin Jambon.
Native OCaml libraries
json-wheel [04-Dec-2006, version 1.0.0, Stable] Has a Godi package
json-wheel is an OCaml implementation of the JSON data interchange format, which can be considered as a lightweight alternative to XML.
Authors: Mika Illouz and Martin Jambon.
Development tools
jsonpat [19-Apr-2010, version 0.7, Beta] Has a documentation
jsonpat is an application for the easy transformation of JSON files.
Native OCaml libraries
Lpd [04-Jul-2011, version 1.1, Stable]
Lpd is a Line Printer Daemon (LPD) server library written entirely in OCaml. It allows to define your own actions for LPD events. An example of a spooler that prints jobs on win32 machines (through GSPRINT) is provided.
Native OCaml libraries
Netamqp [14-Apr-2011, version 1.0, Stable] Has a Godi packageHas a documentation
This library implements an AMQP client for accessing a message broker. The supported protocol version is 0-9-1, and successful tests have been run against RabbitMQ. The library is designed as an extension to Ocamlnet.
Author: Gerd Stolpmann.
Native OCaml libraries
OBus [13-Dec-2010, version 1.1, Stable]
OBus is a pure ocaml implementation of DBus. It aims to provide a clean and easy way for ocaml programmers to access and provide dbus services.
Author: Jérémie Dimino.
Native OCaml libraries
ocaml-sphinx [15-Nov-2010, version 0.0.1, Development code]
OCaml client API for Sphinx fulltext search engine
Author: ygrek.
ocamlmq [01-Jul-2010, Development code] Has a documentation
ocamlmq is a STOMP message broker with features that make it especially suitable for implementing task queues and communication between subsystems.
Native OCaml libraries
ODNS [08-Feb-2011, version 0.3, Beta] Has a documentation
ODNS is a DNS library written in Objective Caml, with an API only in Objective Caml for now (soon probably a C API as well).
Author: Jehan Pagès.
Native OCaml libraries
Ooauth [02-Jul-2008, version 0.1, Beta]
an implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol for OCaml, as well as an OCaml binding to Skydeck web API (providing access to your cell phone call log).
Author: Jake Donham.
Native OCaml libraries
Riakc [20-Mar-2013, version 1.0.0, Beta]
Protobufs Riak client in Ocaml.
Author: Malcolm Matalka.
Native OCaml libraries
Webdav client library [08-Feb-2011, version 1.0, Stable] Has a documentation
This library implements the client side of the WebDAV protocol (RFC 4918). The file locking part of WebDAV is omitted, though. The library uses Ocamlnet's [netclient] library for client-side HTTP, and extends it by providing the required access methods for WebDAV. Additionally, there is also an implementation for Ocamlnet's Netfs.stream_fs abstraction modelling a simple file system.
Author: Gerd Stolpmann.