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The Caml Hump: Software development :: Debugging

Native OCaml libraries
Caml-inspect [20-Apr-2010, Development code]
Inspect is a small library to inspect arbitrary OCaml values and their associated object graph by either dumping them as S-expressions (with sharing and references), or by writing output in the DOT-language which can then be further processed by Graphviz (
Author: Kaspar Rohrer.
Native OCaml libraries
OCaml Dump [21-Jan-2008, version 0.2 beta, Beta] Has a tutorial
Another print anything module.
Bindings with C libraries
ocaml-gperftools [18-Jun-2012, version 0.1, Beta]
gperftools library provides fast, multi-threaded malloc() and some nifty performance analysis tools. These OCaml bindings are useful to monitor memory usage and control behaviour of malloc() when the program is linked against tcmalloc.
Author: ygrek.
Development tools
OCamlviz [08-Sep-2009, Development code] Has a documentation
The key idea of Ocamlviz is the ability to instrument an existing code, in real time, with lightweight monitoring annotations. Ocamlviz can also be used as a debugging tool.
Native OCaml libraries
Vprint [24-Aug-2007, version 0.01, Alpha] Has a documentation
A runtime value printer for OCaml, extremely experimental at the moment, use at your own risk.
Author: Zheng Li.