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The Caml Hump: Software development :: Documentation generation

Ocamldoc generators
Argot [16-Aug-2012, version 1.1, Beta] Has a documentation
Argot is an enhanced HTML generator for the ocamldoc tool of the Objective Caml language. It provides additional styles, additional tags, and support for tables.
Author: Xavier Clerc.
Development tools
caml2html [26-Nov-2002, Stable]
A tool to create hilighted html pages from OCaml files (.ml, .mli, .mll and .mly).
Development tools
Caml2tex [08-Jun-2005, Stable]
An application that produces LaTeX2e code from caml (OCaml, Caml light) source files.
Development tools
display [09-Aug-2001, Development code]
This little piece of code displays the internal representation of Caml values. It produces a graph as an ASCII file, in a format suitable for the `dot' tool.
Ocamldoc generators
DocCHM [19-Mar-2003, Stable]
DocCHM is a CHM generator for OCamlDoc. It enable you to generate a CHM file ( Windows CompressedHTML Help file ) instead of the standard HTML output. It automaticaly generate the index and the hyperlinks to upper module, types, etc. You can then quickly browse the documentation, and search index by name.
Development tools
Highlight [28-Mar-2007, version 2.4.8, Stable] Has a documentation
Highlight converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting. Features include coloured output in HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX and XML format; Support for 120+ programming languages; include 40 colour themes; platform independent; customizable and easy to use. OCaml is also supported.
Author: Andre Simon.
Development tools
MLDoc [09-Aug-2001, version 1.2, Stable] Has a documentation
Automatic documentation extraction for Objective Caml.
Author: Pierre Boulet.
Development tools
Ocamaweb [26-Oct-2004, version 6.01, Stable] Has a documentation
A CWEB like literate programming tool. It is designed to target all languages and actually has a version targeting the MATLAB language.
Development tools
ocamldot [10-Aug-2001, Stable]
Generation of program dependency graphs for OCaml programs, using dot.
Author: Trevor Jim.
Development tools
ocamlwc [09-Aug-2001, Stable]
A program to count the lines of code and documentation in ocaml sources.
Development tools
Ocamlweb [09-Aug-2001, version 1.0, Stable] Has a Godi packageHas a documentation
A literate programming tool for Objective Caml.
Ocamldoc generators
odoc_check [23-Jan-2013, version 4.00, Stable]
A generator which performs some controls on the collected information. For example: all values are commented, all types are commented, all exceptions have a version tag, ... All the possible controls are turned on/off with command line options.
Ocamldoc generators
odoc_fhtml [10-Apr-2002, Stable]
Generation of html documentation with frames.
Author: Maxence Guesdon.
Ocamldoc generators
odoc_tdl [31-Mar-2004, Beta]
An OCamldoc generator which can be used to analyze OCaml files and use @todo tags to generate a TODO list.
Author: Maxence Guesdon.
Ocamldoc generators
Odoc_xref [23-Jan-2013, version 4.00, Stable] Has a documentation
Custom ocamldoc html generator with the capability to cross-reference material from libraries.
Author: Hendrik Tews.
Development tools
Syncweb [15-Jun-2009, version 0.2, Beta] Has a documentation
Syncweb is a command line tool enabling programmers to use the literate programming development methodology, using the noweb tool, while still being able to modify the generated files from the literate document. syncweb provides a way to "synchronize" the possibly modified original document with its possibly modified views with an interface similar to Unison. In addition, syncweb synchronizes data at a fine grained level by computing and storing md5sum of the different chunks.
Author: Yoann Padioleau.