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The Caml Hump: Software development :: Editor modes

Development tools
annot [17-May-2006, Alpha]
Given a cursor position (line 30, column 20) "annot -type 30 20 main.annot" looks up the type annotation for that position in main.annot. It is trivial to hook this to a key in Vim, and probably most other editors.
Development tools
caml-info-look [19-Mar-2002, version 0.9]
An Emacs minor mode for automatic look up OCaml Info files.
Author: Olivier Andrieu.
Development tools
Camlanot.vim [24-Sep-2007, version 0.9, Beta] Has a documentation
A vim plugin to handle annot files.
Bindings with C libraries
LablScintilla [01-Feb-2007, version 0.9pre1, Beta]
Caml for Scintilla is a free source and binary package which adds syntax coloring for the Objective Caml language to the multi-platform (Win32 and GTK+) Scintilla editing component and SciTE text editor.
Author: Robert Roessler.
Development tools
Merlin [21-Feb-2013, Beta] Has a documentation
Merlin is a tool which providessmart completion, among other things, in your favorite editor. As of today, Vim and Emacs are supported.
Author: Frédéric Bour.
Development tools
OCaml mode for NEdit [28-May-2002]
Smart-indent macros and syntax hilighting for OCaml code with NEdit.
Author: Nathaniel Gray.
Development tools
ocaml.vim [09-Aug-2001, Stable]
OCaml syntax file for the VIM-editor.
Author: Markus Mottl.
Development tools
ocamlglobaltags [15-Jun-2009, version 1.0, Stable]
A source code tagger for OCaml that can be plugged in to GNU Global's tag set up.
Author: Matthew Hague.
Development tools
OMLet [14-Mar-2005, version 0.10, Beta]
OMLet provides a much better indentation for Caml/OCaml files than the official one. It mostly behaves as tuareg-mode for emacs does. Omlet supports most of the language features, including objects.
Author: David Baelde.
Development tools
Otags [17-Dec-2012, version 4.00.1, Stable]
An Emacs tag generator for Ocaml source files, working also with syntaxes extended with Camlp4.
Author: Hendrik Tews.
Hints which might help you get started with OCaml-development (mostly in UNIX environment).
Author: Markus Mottl.
Development tools
taggage [26-Aug-2003, version 1.1, Beta]
Vim tag file generation for OCaml.
Author: Issac Trotts.
Development tools
Taglet [27-Aug-2003, version 1.3, Stable]
OCaml tag file generator.
Author: Issac Trotts.
Development tools
Tuareg [01-Jun-2010, version 2.0.1, Mature]
Tuareg is a Caml mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs. It handles automatic indentation of Objective Caml and Camllight codes. Key parts of the code are hilighted using Font-Lock. Support to run an interactive Caml toplevel and debbuger is provided.
Author: Albert Cohen.
Development tools
tuareg imenu [09-May-2002, Stable]
Tuareg imenu is an extesion for Emacs of the tuareg mode (it do not work under XEmacs). It help to have an global visoin of you code
Author: Rémi Vanicat.
Development tools
Vim support for .annot files [06-Oct-2003, Stable]
A ViM extension that is able to parse .annot files and print the type of an highlighted (visual mode) part of an ocaml source file.