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The Caml Hump: General purpose libraries

Native OCaml libraries
Annexlib [03-Feb-2004, version 0.13.0, Beta] Has a Godi packageHas a documentation
THis library contains a lot of the routines the author find needing all the time that aren't in the standard library (Especially string searching and manipulation), and some other odds and ends that are useful at times. Highlights include wildcard globbing, lots of string searching and manipulation routines, locale support, ~user-style path expansion, and more.
Author: Shawn Wagner.
Native OCaml libraries
Extlib [16-Aug-2012, version 1.5.3, Beta] Has a Godi packageHas a documentation
ExtLib is a project aiming at providing a complete - yet small - standard library for the OCaml programming langage. The purpose of this library is to add new functions to OCaml Standard Library modules, to modify some functions in order to get better performances or more safety (tail-recursive) but also to provide new modules which should be useful for the average OCaml programmer.
Native OCaml libraries
Jane Street's core library [20-Mar-2013, version 109.14.00, Stable]
Jane Street's alternative to the standard library.
Native OCaml libraries
Libml [08-Apr-2004, version alpha, Alpha]
Machine Learning Library, a library containing structures and algorithms, simply usable from most of common languages.
Native OCaml libraries
Missinglib [02-Jul-2004, version 0.4.1, Beta] Has a Godi package
A collection of various utilities for OCaml.
Author: John Goerzen.
OCaml PLEAC [05-Feb-2009, Stable]
Following the Perl Cookbook (by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington, published by O'Reilly) spirit, the PLEAC Project aims to gather fans of programming, in order to implement the solutions in other programming languages. In this document, you'll find an implementation of the Solutions of the Perl Cookbook in the Objective CAML language.
Native OCaml libraries
ocaml-classes [05-Aug-2002, version 3.05, Stable]
A small library of wrappers around standard library classes, to allow a somehow object-oriented use.
Bindings with C libraries
OCaml-Win32 [26-Oct-2004, version 1.0, Stable]
OCaml-Win32 is a set of OCaml wrappers for the Win32 API. You can use this library to write true Win32 GUI applications in OCaml. A small sample application is provided.
Author: Harry Chomsky.
Native OCaml libraries
Sequence [21-Feb-2013, version 0.3.1, Beta]
Simple sequence abstract datatype, intented to transfer a finite number of elements from one data structure to another. Some transformations on sequences, like filter, map, take, drop and append can be performed before the sequence is iterated/folded on.
Author: Simon Cruanes.