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The Caml Hump: Other/Proprietary License

Native OCaml libraries
ChartPak [18-Dec-2003, version 1.0a3, Beta] Has a documentation
An easy-to-use library for dynamically generating business-oriented data visualizations for the web.
Author: Matt Gushee.
Development tools
csml [16-Sep-2008, version 0.1, Beta] Has a documentation
A system to interface OCaml and .Net/C#. CSML makes it possible to leverage existing .Net components from OCaml, to expose OCaml libraries into the .Net world and more generally to write mixed OCaml/.Net applications. With CSML, developers write scripts that describe interactions between the two worlds (OCaml and .Net). It is possible to bind functions, static or instance methods, properties, to pass opaque pointers from one heap to the other, or to copy values structurally. CSML preserves type safety properties from the two worlds, it propagates exceptions and first-class functions in a sound way and it deals automatically with memory management.
Author: Alain Frisch.
Native OCaml libraries
Ensemble [28-Apr-2003, version 2.00, Stable] Has a documentation
A group communication toolkit.
Authors: Ohad Rodeh, Robbert van Renesse, Mark Hayden, and Tim Clark.
Development tools
Visual ML [19-Sep-2002, Stable]
VisualML is an OCaml project wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio. It enables easy creation, compilation and errors corrections of OCaml projects under Visual Studio.