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The Caml Hump: XML :: XML protocols

Applications written in Caml


rmwd [12-May-2004, version 0.7, Beta] Has a documentation
Remote Middleware Daemon is a high level identity management library focused on services and access control, and exposed via both xdr-rpc, and xml-rpc. It is written entirely in Objective Caml, except for the trivial xmlrpc interface, which is in perl.
Author: Eric Stokes.


Native OCaml libraries

Native OCaml libraries
adwords API [16-Aug-2005, version 1.0.0, Stable]
Interface to Google Adwords API. This API offers rapid, type-safe development, command line tools for doing common Adwords operations, interactive access to the API.
Native OCaml libraries
OC-Soap [28-Jun-2005, version 0.3.2, Alpha]
This is a proper version of a SOAP client for OCaml, which uses CDuce ( to parse WSDL + XML Schema interface descriptions, turning them into SOAP client stubs.
Native OCaml libraries
OCaml XML-RPC [15-Mar-2004, version 0.2.3, Beta]
An implementation of the XML-RPC protocol.
Author: Shawn Wagner.
Native OCaml libraries
OCaml-SOAP [20-Sep-2002, version 0.2, Beta]
A library which can be used to build web services using SOAP.
Author: Gaurav Chanda.
Native OCaml libraries
OOoWrite [25-Nov-2003, version 0.2.0, Beta]
OOowrite lets you write OpenOffice or StarOffice .sxw files from OCaml programs.
Native OCaml libraries
SimpleSOAP [24-May-2005, version 0.1.1, Alpha] Has a documentation
SimpleSOAP is an early, experimental SOAP client for Objective CAML.
Web application
SOSS [13-Nov-2006, version 0.1.03, Beta]
SOSS is an implementation of a SOAP server for OCaml. It is designed to allow a service, developed in OCaml, to be made available as a SOAP service with minimal effort.
Author: Stefan Lampe.
Native OCaml libraries
XmlRpc-Light [29-Jan-2009, version 0.6.1, Beta]
XmlRpc-Light is an XmlRpc client written in OCaml. It requires Xml-Light and Ocamlnet.
Author: Dave Benjamin.
Native OCaml libraries
XmlRPCServer [02-Feb-2003, version 0.1.0, Beta] Has a documentation
XmlRPCServer is a server side implementation for the XmlRPC package developed by Shawn Wagner. This package provides methods to transform between OCaml data-types and their XmlRPC representation, and visa versa. In addition it provide the client side functionality which enables OCaml clients to call servers written in other languages using XmlRPC. However the current version of the package does not support writing the server side in OCaml, unless you do most of the work yourself.
Native OCaml libraries
Xpath [04-Sep-2000, version 2000-09-04, Beta]
This package implements the XPath recommendation; XPath is a simple query language for XML. A compact XPath expression can perform a relatively complex search on the document tree. XPath is used by XLink and XSLT. The package is modularized and functorial: the evaluator is a functor taking as argument an implementation of the XPath Data Model as defined in the recommendation. The package include a lightweight implementation, build from the Pxp document tree. A future version will include a Data Model implementation working directly on this document tree.
Author: Alain Frisch.