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The Caml Hump: pa_breakcont


This project makes use of the Ocaml release 3.10 macro system to add break and continue statements to for and while loops. The macros implement these statements as exceptions. Since the introduction of the two try/with blocks corresponding (each) to the (separate) break and continue exceptions includes some overhead at run time, the macro adds these try/with blocks sparingly... only if the programmer uses the corresponding statement. For example, the continue statements adds the most overhead since it causes a try/with block to be inserted within a loop. However, code that contains no continue statement will be unaffected by the macro.
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Author:Andrew I. Schein.
Last modification date:31-Mar-2008
Development status:Beta
Kind: Camlp4 extensions
License: Open Source :: LGPL
Topic: Software development :: Language extensions