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The Caml Hump: Communications and networking :: WWW/HTTP


Cocanwiki [01-Apr-2005, version 1.3.11, Stable]
A wiki in OCaml.
Native OCaml libraries
Eliom [17-Dec-2012, version 3.0, Stable] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
With Eliom, you can implement client-server Web applications fully in OCaml. Client parts, delimited by a syntax extension, are automatically extracted from the application source code and compiled to Javascript using the Js_of_ocaml compiler. Eliom also provides very powerful tools to implement classical Web sites, and makes it possible to mix usual Web interactions with advanced client side features.
Author: Vincent Balat.
Major applications
Geneweb [09-Aug-2001, version 4.09, Stable] Has a documentation
A genealogy software with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or as a Web service.
Development tools
Js_of_ocaml [17-Dec-2012, version 1.3, Stable] Has a documentation
Js_of_ocaml is a compiler of OCaml bytecode to Javascript. It makes it possible to run Ocaml programs in a Web browser.
Web application
O'Browser [20-Apr-2010, version 1.1, Stable] Has a tutorial
O'Browser is an implementation of the OCaml virtual machine in JavaScript, designed to run in web browsers. It features a runtime library compatible with OCaml's standard one (including OOP and concurrent threads) and bindings of some JavaScript functions to manipulate the DOM primitives.
Author: Benjamin Canou.


Native OCaml libraries
ChartPak [18-Dec-2003, version 1.0a3, Beta] Has a documentation
An easy-to-use library for dynamically generating business-oriented data visualizations for the web.
Author: Matt Gushee.
Native OCaml libraries
Galax [18-Feb-2005, version 0.5.0, Beta] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
Galax is an open-source implementation of XQuery 1.0, the W3C XML Query Language. Galax closely tracks the definition of XQuery 1.0 as specified by the W3C and also implements XPath 2.0, which is a subset of XQuery 1.0.
Monitor [29-May-2006, version 0.3, Beta]
This tool allows you to monitor one or more web sites (or other resources) by regularly doing tests on them. A test consists of grepping a resource (an HTML page fetched by URL, or the output of an arbitrary command) using a boolean combination of Perl-compatible regular expressions. On failure, a mail is sent to a list of admins. Includes a Debian package and a flexible configuration file syntax.
Author: Berke Durak.
Native OCaml libraries
netclient [28-Jul-2005, version 0.91, Beta] Has a Godi package
Experimental client for HTTP/1.1 and telnet.
Author: Gerd Stolpmann.
Native OCaml libraries
Ooauth [02-Jul-2008, version 0.1, Beta]
an implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol for OCaml, as well as an OCaml binding to Skydeck web API (providing access to your cell phone call log).
Author: Jake Donham.
SRESI [31-Jul-2006, version 0.12.0, Beta] Has a documentation
SRESI is a smart bookmarks manager: from a list of tagged bookmarks, it can generate an exhaustive tree or a portal, where each bookmark is at every place in the hierarchy you can expect to find it, and with stupid branches absorbed back in their saner versions. An import function is provided.