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The Caml Hump: Programming languages


Development tools
Eff [19-Mar-2012, version 3.0, Stable] Has a tutorial
Eff is a functional programming language based on algebraic effects and their handlers.
Des transparents de présentation d'OCaml, ses points forts, ses domaines de prédilection, ...
Author: David Mentre.
OCamlearn [28-Apr-2003, Stable]
A web site with collaborative publication of OCaml-related articles, Q&As, examples, ...
Development tools
Reactive ML [12-Feb-2013, version 1.08.04, Stable] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
ReactiveML is a programming language dedicated to the implementation of interactive systems as found in graphical user interfaces, video games or simulation problems. ReactiveML is based on the synchronous reactive model of Boussinot embedded in an ML language (here OCaml). The synchronous reactive model provides synchronous parallel composition and dynamic features like the dynamic creation of processes. In ReactiveML, the reactive model is integrated at the language level (not as a library) which leads to safer and more natural programming.
Author: Louis Mandel.


Native OCaml libraries
Barista [08-Mar-2013, version 2.0-beta, Beta] Has a documentation
Library for Java .class file manipulation. Also a command-line [dis]assembler for Java.
Author: Xavier Clerc.
Development tools
Focalize [14-Jan-2013, version 0.8.0, Beta] Has a documentation
FoCaLize is an integrated development environment to write high integrity programs and systems. It provides a purely functional language to formally express specifications, describe the design and code the algorithms. Within the functional language, FoCaLize provides a logical framework to express the properties of the code. A simple declarative language provides the natural expression of proofs of those properties from within the program source code.
Scientific software
oc-FP [17-Nov-2003, Beta] Has a documentation
An OCAML implementation of John Backus' FP system.


Bindings with C libraries
The goal of this project is to provide access to Mac OS X's APIs from OCaml. The project focuses on the set of APIs referred to as "Cocoa", that is APIs based on Objective C artefacts (classes, objects, protocols, methods). With such access to Cocoa's APIs, it is expected that OCaml programmers would be able to design, develop and build native MacOSX applications with ease. Some features are explicitly out of scope: - general support of C-type apis (structs) - general support for Objective C (this project is targetted at Mac OS X) - platforms different from MacOSX The targetted user is an intermediate level developer, at ease with all of OCaml constructs (including modules, classes, labels) and with Cocoa programming.

Development code

Caml examples collection [29-Aug-2011, Development code]
The Caml Examples package is a large set of Caml example programs. Most of the programs are provided both in Objective Caml and in Caml Light.
Author: Pierre Weis.

No status

This course is designed for beginners, and does not require any knowledge in programming at all. Anyone aged over 12 should be able to complete the course on his own, and thus learn the fundamentals of programming. For the time being, it is only available in french, but it will be translated into english later on.
A course on Computational Linguistics, using Caml.
Author: John Hale.
Cours de programmation fonctionnelle, illustré par OCaml (in french).
Une introduction avec le langage OCaml. Les programmes d'exemple sont à l'adresse suivante: http://dept-info.labri.u-bordeaux.fr/~narbel/PFGO/index_sources.html
Author: Philippe Narbel.
Programming Languages [24-Sep-2002, version 1.0]
A book including a library of Caml code to help the students in the implementation of interpreters for toy languages.
Author: Scott Smith.
Some notes about teaching OCaml at school.