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The Caml Hump: Software development :: Development environments

Development tools
Cameleon [14-Jan-2011, version 1.9.21, Stable] Has a documentation
Development environment for Objective Caml programmers, written in GTK2. It includes an OCaml-scriptable text-editor, a graphical toplevel, a documentation browser, and other useful tools and libs.
Development tools
Camlclipse [07-Sep-2004, version 0.1, Development code]
A group of plugins to add OCaml support in the Eclipse IDE. It provides very basic support for creating OCaml projects, editing source files, building and running.
Author: Andrei Formiga.
Development tools
CamlX [08-Feb-2008, version 1.2, Stable]
CamlX is a Wrapper for the OCaml (or Caml Ligth) toplevel environment. CamlX can be used without a previously installed Caml distribution, indeed it include a Caml Light version. But it is possible to use your own version of Caml (you must specify the path in the preferences menu).
Author: Yann Armelin.
Development tools
cmigrep [30-Jan-2007, version 1.0, Stable] Has a Godi package
A small utility to mine cmi files for interesting bits of data.
Author: Eric Stokes.
Development tools
CocOCaml [26-Feb-2003, version 0.7, Alpha] Has a documentation
CocOCaml is a Cocoa based wrapper for the OCaml toplevel environment.
Development tools
csml [16-Sep-2008, version 0.1, Beta] Has a documentation
A system to interface OCaml and .Net/C#. CSML makes it possible to leverage existing .Net components from OCaml, to expose OCaml libraries into the .Net world and more generally to write mixed OCaml/.Net applications. With CSML, developers write scripts that describe interactions between the two worlds (OCaml and .Net). It is possible to bind functions, static or instance methods, properties, to pass opaque pointers from one heap to the other, or to copy values structurally. CSML preserves type safety properties from the two worlds, it propagates exceptions and first-class functions in a sound way and it deals automatically with memory management.
Author: Alain Frisch.
EFuns [10-Aug-2001, Alpha]
An Emacs clone in Ocaml.
ledit [18-Nov-2010, version 2.02, Mature] Has a Godi package
One-line editor written in OCaml. It provides line editing for the Caml toplevels, as well as other interactive Unix commands.
Development tools
Mascot [30-Aug-2012, version 1.0, Stable] Has a documentation
Mascot is a style-checker for Objective Caml sources. It provides checks in various categories: code, documentation, interface, metrics, and typography. The goal of the tool is to allow a (team of) developer(s) to enforce style properties over a source codebase for greater coherency and style uniformity. The tool is highly customizable, allowing one to choose the checks to perform, as well as exceptions to those checks in given files. Moreover, a plugin system allows the developer to add its own checks, and output modes. Bundled output mode range from bare text to CheckStyle- and JDepend-compatible XML file in order to allow integration with Hudson.
Author: Xavier Clerc.
Development tools
Merlin [21-Feb-2013, Beta] Has a documentation
Merlin is a tool which providessmart completion, among other things, in your favorite editor. As of today, Vim and Emacs are supported.
Author: Frédéric Bour.
Development tools
mingw-builds [09-Oct-2012, version 1.1.rc1, Beta] Has a documentation
Mingw-builds is an ongoing project that creates a set of open-source libraries and tools for windows in a clean and reproducible way, making it possible to easily build for windows. It uses yypkg, a cross-platform, system-agnostic and cross-compilation-friendly package manager. Both of them will become official tools and repositories for the mingw-w64 project.
Author: Adrien Nader.
Development tools
Nativize [08-Mar-2004, version 0.1, Development code]
Compile and run native functions from the toplevel.
Author: Issac Trotts.
Development tools
OcaIDE [16-Jul-2007, version 1.0.1, Beta] Has a documentation
OcaIDE is an O'Caml plug-in for Eclipse
Author: Nicolas Bros.
Development tools
OCaml Batteries Included [09-Jan-2013, version 2.0.0, Stable]
Batteries Included is a candidate standard development platform for OCaml.
Authors: Bluestorm, Edgar Friendly, and David Teller.
Development tools
OCaml plugin for the Netbeans IDE [27-Jul-2009, Development code] Has a tutorial
This plugin extends the support of NetBeans IDE for projects written in Objective Caml Language.
Development tools
Ocaml-MinGW-Maxi [30-Jul-2007, version 3.10.0, Beta]
Ocaml-MinGW-Maxi is binary distribution for OCaml port for Windows based on the MinGW toolchain. It contains the OCaml compiler and some precompiled add-on libraries.
Author: Christoph Bauer.
Development tools
OCamlEditor [21-Feb-2011, version 1.6.0, Alpha]
OCamlEditor is a source code editor and build tool for OCaml written in OCaml+LablGTK working under Windows.
Development tools
OCamlError [05-Mar-2002, Beta]
Annotate uncaught exception stack traces in a readable and editor-friendly way.
Development tools
OCamlspotter [02-Jul-2012, version 2.0.0, Stable]
A small compiler patch which extends -annot option and records all the variable definition locations, so that we can jump from variable uses to their definitions easily from editors such as emacs.
Author: Jun Furuse.
Development tools
OCamlWinPlus [19-Feb-2004, version 1.9.2, Stable]
Extension of the OCamlwin tool to add edition facilities, and more.
Development tools
ODT [07-May-2012, version 2.2, Stable]
The OCaml Development Tools (ODT) project aims to be like the JDT (Java Development Tools) Eclipse plugins. It provides IDE features for OCaml application developments, such as automatic compilation, custom editors...
Author: Emmanuel Dieul.
Development tools
P4ck [07-Dec-2005, version 0.501, Beta] Has a documentation
P4ck (read "4-pack") is a utility which downloads, compiles and installs Camlp4 syntax extensions. The motivation for this tool comes from the fact that many people wrote interesting syntax extensions for OCaml, which are in fact quite short and fit in one single file.
Author: Martin Jambon.
Native OCaml libraries
Pfff [07-Oct-2010, version 0.13, Beta]
Pfff is mainly an OCaml API to write static analysis, dynamic analysis, code visualizations, code navigations, or style-preserving source-to-source transformations such as refactorings on source code.
Author: Yoann Padioleau.
Native OCaml libraries
Stred [28-Nov-2002, Beta]
Provides an ability to interactively edit/navigate arbitrary Ocaml data structures.
Author: Avik Chaudhuri.
Native OCaml libraries
Tophide [08-Apr-2008, version 1.0.0, Stable] Has a Godi packageHas a documentation
Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore.
Author: Martin Jambon.
Development tools
TypeRex [19-Mar-2012, version 1.0.0, Beta] Has a documentation
OCaml development environment, developed by OCamlPro and Inria Saclay. This version of TypeRex only integrates with Emacs and brings a collection of new features that programmers expect from a modern IDE. Next versions will target more editors.
Development tools
utop [16-Aug-2012, version 1.2, Stable]
utop is a toplevel for OCaml which can run in a terminal or in emacs. It supports completion, colors, parenthesis matching, ...
Author: Jérémie Dimino.
Development tools
Visual ML [19-Sep-2002, Stable]
VisualML is an OCaml project wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio. It enables easy creation, compilation and errors corrections of OCaml projects under Visual Studio.
Development tools
WideStudio [27-Jul-2009, version 3.98, Stable] Has a documentation
WideStudio is an open source, Integrated Development Environment for desktop applications purely made in Japan. This enables you to develop GUI applications that can run on Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/Xp/Vista, WindowsCE, Linux, FreeBSD, SOLARIS, MacOSX(w/X11), BTRON, T-Engine, mu-CLinux(wo/X11) in various programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, Objective Caml. Since an application is build on MWT(Multi-Platform Widget Toolkit) which runs on multiple platforms, WideStudio applications are all source compatible between these platforms.
Development tools
WOWcamldebug [20-Oct-2003, version 0.2, Beta] Has a documentation
WOWcamldebug is a front end that permits to use the OCaml debugger with (g)vim. You can run it as you usually run ocamldebug and it will execute both the ocamldebugger itself, permitting usual interaction, and a gvim window which will be kept in sync with the current debugging position. The current debugging line is highlighted and the cursor is positioned at the current event position on that line.
Development tools
Xcode plug-in for OCaml [26-Sep-2005, Beta]
A plugin for integrating OCaml in Xcode. At this time, it's still a beta version but it now works on simple tasks like syntax coloration, creation of a native ocaml target, and adding .m files or .cma static libraries to the target, integration of ocamllex and ocamlyacc, integration into the Xcode build system, error window.
Author: Damien Bobillot.
Development tools
yypkg [08-Oct-2012, version 1.6.0, Stable] Has a tutorial
YYPkg is a small, fast, platform-agnostic package manager. It can be used to manage any directory. It is built to help cross-compilation setups and it works both for and on Windows.
Author: Adrien Nader.