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The Caml Hump: System :: Shell programming

Native OCaml libraries
Camlish [05-May-2009, version 0.03, Alpha] Has a documentation
A simple module for shell scripting in OCaml.
Author: Zheng Li.
Bindings with C libraries
Cash [28-Aug-2002, version 0.20, Beta] Has a documentation
Cash is a Unix shell that is embedded within Objective Caml. It's a Caml implementation of (an as large as possible subset of) the API of Scsh, the Scheme Shell by Olin Shivers. The Scsh API is designed for writing useful standalone Unix programs and shell scripts (but rather not for interactive command use). It spans a wide range of application, from “script” applications usually handled with perl or sh, to more standard systems applications usually written in C.
Author: Bruno Verlyck.
ocamlscript [06-Feb-2008, version 2.0.2, Stable] Has a documentation
Ocamlscript is a tool which allows to use OCaml as a fast scripting language. The compilation process is performed as needed, and all the program and the compilation options are contained in one file.