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The Caml Hump: Documentations :: Scientific papers

Scientific papers
A generic abstract interpreter [10-Aug-2001, Stable]
We present in extenso the calculation-based development of a generic compositional reachability static analyzer for a simple imperative programming language by abstract interpretation of its formal rule-based/structured small-step operational semantics.
Author: Patrick Cousot.
Scientific papers
OCaml light [09-Nov-2007, Alpha] Has a documentation
OCaml light is a formal semantics for a substantial subset of the Objective Caml language. It is written in Ott, and it comprises a small-step operational semantics and a syntactic, non-algorithmic type system. A type soundness theorem has been proved and mechanized using the HOL-4 proof assistant, thereby ensuring that the proof is free from errors. To ensure that the operational semantics accurately models Objective Caml, an executable version of the semantics has been created (and proved equivalent in HOL to the original, relational version) and tested on a number of small test cases.