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The Caml Hump: Applications written in Caml :: Web application

Open Source


Web application
O'Browser [20-Apr-2010, version 1.1, Stable] Has a tutorial
O'Browser is an implementation of the OCaml virtual machine in JavaScript, designed to run in web browsers. It features a runtime library compatible with OCaml's standard one (including OOP and concurrent threads) and bindings of some JavaScript functions to manipulate the DOM primitives.
Author: Benjamin Canou.
Web application
Ocsigen [19-Mar-2012, version 2.0.4, Stable] Has a documentationHas a tutorial
Ocsigen is a Web server, with a programming framework providing a new way to create dynamic Web sites using Objective Caml. Its goal is to offer an alternative to Apache/PHP, based on cutting-edge technologies coming from research in programming languages.
Author: Vincent Balat.


Web application
GikiWiki [17-Feb-2005, Beta]
GikiWiki is a minimalist wiki in OCaml.
Author: Neale Pickett.
Web application
Nurpawiki [12-Dec-2007, Alpha] Has a tutorial
Nurpawiki is a personal information manager (PIM) application that combines a wiki, a to-do list and a simple scheduler to help you get organized. It aims to ease note taking and action planning. Actions (to-dos) are always associated with notes or plans (wiki pages).
Author: Janne Hellsten.


Web application
Indexy [19-May-2005, version 0.8, Beta] Has a documentation
A web-indexing script using FastCGI and OCaml. The script supports file icons, thumbnailing with ImageMagick, piles, multiple icon sizes, multiple sorts, and cookies for user preferences.
Author: Mike Hamburg.
Web application
SOSS [13-Nov-2006, version 0.1.03, Beta]
SOSS is an implementation of a SOAP server for OCaml. It is designed to allow a service, developed in OCaml, to be made available as a SOAP service with minimal effort.
Author: Stefan Lampe.