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The Caml Hump: Applications written in Caml :: Toys - Examples

Communications and networking

Toys - Examples
Redditwatcher [23-Apr-2008, Development code]
Redditwatcher is an Ocaml program that follows the evolution of the scores (up and downvotes, number of comments) of stories appearing on Reddit. Typically, it takes the 50 newest stories and samples their scores at reasonable intervals, writing results into little marshalled files that can be converted to gnuplottable and R-loadable files.
Author: Berke Durak.


Toys - Examples
Frisch's Sudoku Solver [23-Nov-2005, version 20051117., Beta] Has a documentation
A solver for the Sudoku game.
Author: Alain Frisch.
Toys - Examples
FunLife [07-Mar-2008, version 051207, Beta]
The Game of Life. Features : zoom in/out capability, run at different speeds or by steps, drag the view even when it runs, shapes, colours, grids selections, support standard life file format for input / output, can show next state information with colours or shapes, undo / redo.
Toys - Examples
Mini Gosix [23-Mar-2009, version 1.0, Stable]
Mini Gosix is a small program that allows you to play Gosix board game (by Pierre Canuel) against a computer opponent. There are selectable difficulty levels and GUI. Program is written in OCaml using TK widgets.
Toys - Examples
Pentaminos [10-Aug-2001, Stable]
Solves the Pentaminos puzzle.

Languages interfaces

Toys - Examples
An example of OCaml/Fortran interface [10-Aug-2001, Development code]



Native OCaml libraries
Mp3tag [16-Jan-2002, version 1.0, Stable] Has a documentation
A library containing functions to read or write mp3 tags.

3D graphics

Toys - Examples
Binkhop [30-Apr-2008, version 0.01, Beta]
Binkohp is a little game inspired by the Mah-jong and extended to 3D.
Author: Florent Monnier.
Toys - Examples
Glome [12-Jan-2007, version 0.2, Alpha]
An experimental ray tracer using LablGL.
Author: Jim Snow.
Toys - Examples
Mandelbrot renderer [23-Nov-2005, Beta] Has a documentation
A very serious Mandelbrot renderer. The program is 35 lines of OCaml and renders using OpenGL.
Author: Jon Harrop.
Toys - Examples
Mini ray tracer [29-Apr-2005, Development code]
A little ray tracer in OCaml to test its viability for the shootout.
Author: Jon Harrop.

2D graphics

Toys - Examples
2D maze generator [14-Mar-2005, Beta]
A little OCaml program to generate random 2D mazes, render them using OpenGL and generate PostScript output.
Author: Jon Harrop.
Toys - Examples
dispimg [28-Apr-2004, version 1.0.0, Beta]
Exceedingly simple, lightweight, image viewer, using lablgtk2.
Author: Shawn Wagner.
Toys - Examples
N-edged undirected graphs [07-Mar-2008, Beta]
An OCaml program that outputs the set of N-edged graphs (polynema) to a standard .dot file.


Maths and Logic

Toys - Examples
sk [21-Jan-2008, Development code]
sk' is intended to allow experimentation with combinatory logic.


System files

Toys - Examples
Servinfo [03-Feb-2004, version 1.0.0, Stable]
A little tool for looking up entries from /etc/services.
Author: Shawn Wagner.

File systems and system administration

Toys - Examples
mltree [13-Nov-2008, Alpha]
mltree is similar to the unix command line utility 'tree', but with some differences.
Author: Florent Monnier.


Parsers and pretty-printers

Toys - Examples
Octal [06-Mar-2006, Development code]
This is a toy implementation of Zope's TAL (Template Attribute Language) for OCaml, conveniently named 'Octal'. It is built on top of Camlp4 and Xml-Light. The purpose of TAL is to have a template that is a valid XML or HTML document that already renders like the resulting document.
Author: Bruno De Fraine.
Toys - Examples
Tony [09-Aug-2001, version 0..9.1, Beta]
Tony is a simple XML parser and pretty printer for Objective Caml. While you would most likely use it as a library it comes for demonstration purposes as an application. Tony reads an XML file and pretty prints it nicely. The parser is implemented using Lex and Yacc, the pretty printer using Philip Wadler's pretty-printing algebra. Today more complete (and complex) XML parsers for OCaml exist; Tony is still useful if you want to cover the basic case.


Toys - Examples
Cpsio [04-Sep-2002, Development code]
An Objective Caml implementation of the continuation-passing-style output from Olivier Danvy's paper Functional Unparsing.
Author: T. Kurt Bond.
Toys - Examples
DominoCaml [25-Aug-2003, version 3.3, Beta]
An OCaml GPL software aimed to explore aspects of the dominoes game.