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0004832OCamlOCaml otherlibspublic2009-07-03 19:232014-09-26 17:42
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Product Version3.11.0 
Target Version4.02.2+devFixed in Version 
Summary0004832: Filling bigarrays may block out runtime
DescriptionThough bigarray data lives on the C-heap, the bigarray fill function does not release the OCaml-lock when overwriting it. This may block out the runtime from handling signals or executing other threads. If a large bigarray is memory-mapped, this can lead to many seconds of unresponsiveness.
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doligez (administrator)
2011-05-31 16:05

There is a trade-off between the cost of releasing the lock (which can be too high for small bigarrays) and the latency when not releasing it (which can be too high for large bigarrays).
We should probably release the lock only when the bigarray is bigger than some threshold.
mottl (reporter)
2011-05-31 18:49

Besides taking the size into account for determining when to release the lock, we should also check whether the bigarray was memory-mapped, in which case the lock should also be released, I think.
mottl (reporter)
2013-06-11 18:20

Btw., this issue also affects the "blit" bigarray function, but apparently no others besides "fill".
mottl (reporter)
2014-01-30 19:29

I have just submitted a pull request for a patch solving this issue to the "official" Github repository here: [^]

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