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0005649OCamlCamlp4public2012-06-13 20:242012-06-14 00:41
Assigned Todim 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
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Summary0005649: Camlp4 Ident quotation
Description<:ident< Camlp4.Sig.MakeCamlp4Ast(Camlp4.PreCast.Loc).meta_bool >> ;
- : Camlp4.PreCast.Ast.ident =
 (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "Sig")) (IdUid "MakeCamlp4Ast"))
   (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "PreCast")) (IdUid "Loc"))
   (IdLid "meta_bool"))

I get the output as above.
It's a bug or something I did not understand.
In my opinion, its output should be something like this:
   (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "Sig")) (IdUid "MakeCamlp4Ast"))
   (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "PreCast")) (IdUid "Loc")))
  (IdLid "meta_bool"))
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dim (developer)
2012-06-14 00:40

> <:ident< Camlp4.Sig.MakeCamlp4Ast(Camlp4.PreCast.Loc).meta_bool >> ;
> - : Camlp4.PreCast.Ast.ident =
> IdApp
> (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "Sig")) (IdUid "MakeCamlp4Ast"))
> (IdAcc
> (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "PreCast")) (IdUid "Loc"))
> (IdLid "meta_bool"))

This is the expected output for quotations in revised syntax.

> In my opinion, its output should be something like this:
> (IdAcc
> (IdApp
> (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "Sig")) (IdUid "MakeCamlp4Ast"))
> (IdAcc (IdAcc (IdUid "Camlp4") (IdUid "PreCast")) (IdUid "Loc")))
> (IdLid "meta_bool"))

This one is for quotations in original syntax.
To get the same thing in revised syntax you must write:

<:ident< (Camlp4.Sig.MakeCamlp4Ast Camlp4.PreCast.Loc).meta_bool >>

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