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0006189OCamlOCaml documentationpublic2013-09-24 23:222014-01-22 16:23
ReporterHendrik Tews 
Assigned Todoligez 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.01.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006189: some problems in the 4.01 documentation

as always, I am reporting some points that I found during the
preparation of the enhanced OCaml documentation. As always, some
of these points are bugs but for others I am not sure.

1. the compiler accepts ``for (+) = 2 to 2 print_int (+) done'',
   is this really intended?

2. some ocamlopt options are not documented, for instance -nostdlib

3. in ocamldoc.html, the references for {% string %} and
   {! string } in 15.2.4 point to some sub-sub-section, but they
   print as 15.2.4, which is not really helpful, especially in
   the pdf version.

4. in 15.3.1, the links the some source code examples point to
   4.00 versions of these files.

5. the functions Format.set_all_formatter_output_functions and
   Format.get_all_formatter_output_functions are new in 4.01 and
   not deprecated since 4.00.

6. The documentation of Format.set_formatter_out_functions
   mentions the functions out_string and out_flush, which, IMO,
   do not exists.

7. In the 4.00 docs, the pretty printing indication @@ was
  deprecated. Now, it is not deprecated any more, but it is still
  recommended to use %@.

8. In libref/Scanf.html, why are there backslashes in the
   conversion specification \( fmt %\), when the examples use no

9. In libref/Scanf.html, the paragraph after the conversion spec
   \( fmt %\) seems to be wrongly indented.

10. In libref/Unix.html, the sentence "The flags to
    Unix.openfile.", which follows the doc entry for open_flag,
    is not properly indented.

11. In libref/Str.html, in the doc entry for matched_string,
    there seems to be a formatting error following

12. In classes.html, section 6.9.2, subsection "Method
    definition", there is a list of the special expressions
    available in method bodies. IMHO, the expression consisting
    just of "inst-var-name" is missing there.


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doligez (administrator)
2013-10-08 16:30

About (1): yes of course it is really intended. Just like "let (+) = 2 in print_int (+)".
doligez (administrator)
2014-01-22 15:05
edited on: 2014-01-22 16:23

(2) fixed (commit 14409 in 4.01, 14410 in trunk, 14414 in manual)

(5) I don't understand. The function is not new in 4.01, it was already there in 3.12.1. It's deprecated since 4.01.0. The source is still wrong, because it says the function was introduced in 4.00.0. fixed in trunk (commit 14411)

(6) The text was a bit cumbersome. fixed in trunk (commit 14411)

(7) @@ didn't work in 4.00, now it does.

doligez (administrator)
2014-01-22 15:33

(8): it's a bug. fixed in trunk (commit 14412)
(9) fixed in trunk (commit 14412)
doligez (administrator)
2014-01-22 16:22

(10) and (11) fixed in trunk (commit 14413)

(12): syntactically, inst-var-name is just a lowercase-ident, which is included in value-path, which itself is already in expr. So adding it there would be redundant from a formal point of view. Do you think it would make the documentation easier to read?

(3) and (4) fixed in trunk (commit 14414)

The only remaining point is (12) to be discussed.

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