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0006437OCamlOCaml typingpublic2014-05-21 20:472015-04-27 12:22
Assigned Togarrigue 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.01.0 
Target Version4.03.0+devFixed in Version 
Summary0006437: GADT exhaustiveness check incompleteness
DescriptionThis code:

type ('a, 'b) ctx =
  | Nil : (unit, unit) ctx
  | Cons : ('a, 'b) ctx -> ('a * unit, 'b * unit) ctx

type 'a var =
  | O : ('a * unit) var
  | S : 'a var -> ('a * unit) var

let rec f : type g1 g2. (g1, g2) ctx * g1 var -> g2 var = function
  | Cons g, O -> O
  | Cons g, S n -> S (f (g, n))
  (* | Nil, _ -> (assert false) *)

reports a warning for non-exhaustive pattern-matching, whereas (I think) it should not, since the last commented case is impossible.
Or am I missing something?
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related to 0006403acknowledgedgarrigue another broken GADT exhaustiveness check 
parent of 0006220assignedgarrigue GADT type information is not used to detect unused match cases 
child of 0005998assignedgarrigue GADT typing and exhaustiveness bugs 
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-  Notes
mqtthiqs (reporter)
2014-05-23 21:53

A more concise version of the same bug (I guess):

  type 'a t = T1 : ('a * 'b) t | T2 : 'a t -> ('a * 'b) t
  type 'a u = U1 : unit u | U2 : ('a * 'b) u

  let bug : type a. a t * a u -> unit = function
    | t, U2 -> ()
    (* | T1, U2 -> () *)
    (* | T2 _, U2 -> () *)
    (* | _, U1 -> () *) (* impossible *)

reports a warning for non-exhaustive pattern-matching; but whatever the value of t is, the second argument cannot be U1 (this branch 4 is impossible). Note that eta-expanding the first argument (ie. uncommenting branches 2 and 3) the warning disappears.

Hope it helps.
garrigue (manager)
2014-05-24 09:06

This is a well known limitation of the way the exhaustiveness check works for GADTs requires a constructor to "seed" counterexamples. Doing it on the basis of the type alone could cause infinite loops.
We should eventually do something about that, but this is not high-priority.

By the way, this is not a bug, since we know that the exhaustiveness check cannot be complete, and do not provide any specification for it other than it should be sound (i.e. detect all non-exhaustive cases).
mqtthiqs (reporter)
2014-05-30 17:05

Hello Jacques. Is the first piece of code (in the bug report, not in the comment) of the same kind? I don't see how it could be helped by "seeding" counterexamples.
garrigue (manager)
2014-05-31 15:46

Indeed the example in the bug report is a simpler case.
The warning can be avoided by reversing the order in the tuple:

let rec f : type g1 g2. g1 var * (g1,g2) ctx -> g2 var = function
  | O, Cons g -> O
  | S n, Cons g -> S(f (n,g));;

But the cause of the warning is the same: using the original order,
one tries to build a pattern for the Nil context, but then the var part
is not seeded, and the exhaustiveness checked does not try to split
the var into O and S. The O and S of the Cons case do no propagate
to the Nil (and they should not, since GADT matching being left to
right, they might actually not be valid there).

Progress report: I've tried to solve these problem (including 6220)
by using typing information to split a wildcard pattern when checking
exhaustiveness. However, there is a big problem: the current
of exhaustiveness checking does not keep types... Keeping them is
going to be a lot of work, and we should be extremely careful about
not propagating wrong typing information in presence of GADTs.
Compared to these risks, a few false positives does not seem to be
a big problem, particularly since you can really add the reported
pattern to remove the warning.
garrigue (manager)
2015-04-27 12:22

The patch attached to 6403 does not solve this case: not clear where to hook the expansion here.

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