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0006473OCamlOCaml standard librarypublic2014-06-27 16:312015-07-10 18:20
Assigned Toweis 
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Target Version4.03.0+devFixed in Version 
Summary0006473: Leak in fscanf
Description(Reported by Jean-Vincent Loddo on caml-list).

The 'memo' table in the Scanf module associates a lookahead buffer with each input channel: [^]

as explained by a comment in the Scanf code: [^]

Entries are added to the table for each input channel used for scanning, but there's no mechanism for removing entries, so the table only increases in size, retaining references to previously-used channels.
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weis (developer)
2014-06-29 20:22

Thank you for the bug report.

This problem was due to a short sighted implementation of Scanning.close_in. In the next version, calling Scanning.close_in ic will release the data associated with ic in the memo table.
doligez (administrator)
2015-02-06 20:22

Removing entries when the buffers get closed is a good first step, but not a complete solution because the user can just drop all references to the buffer (which then gets garbage-collected) without closing it.

A complete solution will have to use weak pointers.

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