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0006528OCamlOCaml typingpublic2014-08-30 01:012014-09-15 15:22
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Product Version4.01.0 
Target Version4.02.2+devFixed in Version 
Summary0006528: type constraints alter signatures in unusual ways
DescriptionI'm not sure exactly what to call this (or if this is in fact a bug) but the following two compilation errors surprised me and seem related: In the first, a value is annotated as having a type exactly as it appears in the signature. That type-checks, but the module still fails to compile.

$ rlwrap ocaml
        OCaml version 4.01.0

# module M : sig
    type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of _]
    val create : 'a -> 'a t
    end = struct
    type 'a t = 'a constraint 'a = [< `Foo of _]
    let create : 'a. 'a -> 'a t = fun x -> x
Error: Signature mismatch:
       Values do not match:
         val create : ([< `Foo of 'b ] as 'a) -> 'a t
       is not included in
         val create : ([< `Foo of 'b & 'c ] as 'a) -> 'a t

In the second, you are not allowed to replace one type constraints with the same type and the same constraints:

$ rlwrap ocaml
        OCaml version 4.01.0

# module type S = sig type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of _] end;;
module type S = sig type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of 'b ] end
# module type S' = sig include S include S with type 'a t := 'a t end;;
Error: In this `with' constraint, the new definition of t
       does not match its original definition in the constrained signature:
       Type declarations do not match:
         type 'a t = 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of 'b & 'c & 'd ]
       is not included in
         type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of 'b ]
       Their constraints differ.

(Obviously, in that example, in real life it wouldn't be the same signature twice but two different signatures still having the same constraint on their type.)
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