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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
OCaml general
featureclosed2007-10-29caml-font.el: make hook for font-lock a proper function
OCaml general
crashclosed2007-10-29The same name for an argument and a value of a class may cause a segfault.
OCaml general
majorclosed2007-09-24ocamldebug dosen't work with -rectypes
OCaml general
minorclosed2007-09-10including module with private type causes strange error
OCaml general
minorclosed2007-09-06Strange typing restriction with polymorphic record fields
OCaml general
featureclosed2007-06-25Emacs patch to look for .anno files in ocamlbuild's _build directory
OCaml general
minorclosed2007-03-26out-of-range bugs in globroots.c
OCaml general
featureclosed (xleroy)2007-02-21Add support for shared libraries with Intel Macs
OCaml general
featureclosed (xleroy)2007-02-21Memory-mapping of bigarrays with offsets missing
OCaml general
featureclosed (xleroy)2007-02-21Bug 0003790 - patch
  0004045 [OCaml]
for Camlp4 use
tweakclosed (ertai)2007-02-21wrong location for multi-line string when using camlp4
OCaml general
minorclosed (xleroy)2007-02-21"ocamldep -slash" bug
OCaml general
majorclosed (weis)2007-02-21Issue with Scanf.Scanning.from_file
for Camlp4 use
minorclosed (ertai)2007-02-21private rows syntax does not work
OCaml general
featureclosed2007-02-21OCaml doesn't detect i686-apple-darwin for dynamic linking
  0004125 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featureclosed (doligez)2007-02-07unixsupport.h in base package
  0004123 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featureclosed (doligez)2007-02-07Fonction unix_error_of_code non déclarée
OCaml general
trivialclosed2006-12-28Incorrect type variable renaming in error messages about method types
OCaml documentation
minorclosed2006-12-18'exception Exc of (string * string)' and 'exception Exc of string * string' not necessarily the same
OCaml general
minorclosed2006-12-15Catch-all pattern does not work with optional arguments
OCaml general
trivialclosed2006-11-24caml/fail.h should use char const *
OCaml general
minorclosed (garrigue)2006-08-19ocamlc hangs during compilation
OCaml general
crashclosed (garrigue)2006-06-26ocamlc 3.10+dev: "Fatal error: exception Ctype.Unify(_, _)" (seems to be different from 0003918).
OCaml general
minorclosed (garrigue)2006-06-26Typage sans -rectypes quand une interface a été compilée avec -rectypes: problème et suggestion
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