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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
OCaml general
featureclosed2013-07-27[patch] pa_macro: support local macros; expand in try..with..
Caml light
minorclosed (weis)2012-02-02scanf %s processing
OCaml general
featureclosed2012-01-30Re: [Caml-list] kprintf with user formatters
OCaml general
minorclosed2010-04-30bug in type numbering? ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd,...)
for Camlp4 use
minorclosed (ertai)2010-04-29"as pattern" syntax difference between camlp4o and yacc parsers
for Camlp4 use
minorclosed (ertai)2010-04-29Problème de synchronisation avec Camlp4 après erreur de parsing dans le toplevel
OCaml general
minorclosed (ertai)2010-04-29pos_lnum and pos_bol are worngs on exceptions from Grammar.Entry.parse
OCaml general
crashclosed (xleroy)2009-03-31ocamlrun crashes calling Unix.access on Windows
for Camlp4 use
featureclosed (ertai)2009-03-31Unneeded limitation on the CamplP4 quotation system
for Camlp4 use
majorclosed (ertai)2009-03-31camlp4 does not parse module constraints correctly
for Camlp4 use
minorclosed (ertai)2009-03-31pa_macro cannot handle macros in .mli files
OCaml general
minorclosed (ertai)2009-03-31Staged installation of 3.10beta
OCaml general
textclosed (maranget)2009-03-31Incorrect source file reference for OCaml warning Y (unused variable name) with ocamllex
  0002858 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featureclosed2008-10-04Suggestion pour pr_o
OCaml general
crashclosed (weis)2008-09-08Format.advance_left is not tail rec
for Camlp4 use
minorclosed (mauny)2007-07-01When repporting some errors with camp4 enabled, the filename is reported as empty


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