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OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-04-24Open Extensible Types
  0006379 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minornew2014-04-24-dtypedtree is not defined for class fields
OCaml backend (code generation)
majornew2014-04-23An unexpected behavior in toplevel: combination of consecutive let bindings and exceptions
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minorfeedback2014-04-23make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `utils/'
OCaml typing
tweakacknowledged2014-04-23A polymorphic variant type is not recognized as a polymorphic variant
  0006378 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
featurenew2014-04-23Type-checking hooks
OCaml general
minornew2014-04-23-dsource assertion failure with attributes or extensions
OCaml typing
featureacknowledged2014-04-23Autofocusing pattern on record field to simplify matching trees with meta-data
OCaml standard library
featureconfirmed2014-04-22A new format implementation based on GADTs
  0006367 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
tweaknew2014-04-19[github patch] introduce Asttypes.arrow_flag to encode labelled arguments (instead of using string manipulations)
  0006369 [OCaml]
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
featurenew2014-04-19[github patch] shave the yacc: add yacc support to some of Menhir's feature to facilitate migration
  0006375 [OCaml]
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
crashnew2014-04-19Segmentation fault when running make
  0006373 [OCaml]
OCaml backend (code generation)
tweaknew2014-04-17Warning about trigraph on generated assembly code
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-04-17ocaml{c,opt} may truncate and recreate a .cmi, leading to (rare) failures of make -j
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged2014-04-13"with module" semantics seem broken
  0006368 [OCaml]
OCaml backend (code generation)
featurenew2014-04-12[github patch] add an option to generate empty .cmx files to avoid recompilation of dependencies
  0006366 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
featurenew2014-04-12[github patch] Switch to the (more collision-resilient?) SipHash function
OCaml general
featurenew2014-04-09warning about unused modules
OCaml backend (code generation)
crashnew2014-04-08ocamlopt crashes with "Fatal error: exception Stack_overflow"
Caml web site
minorassigned2014-04-04Please provide official _O_Caml logos.
OCaml typing
featurenew2014-04-04Allowing extra 'type' fields in signature inclusion check
OCaml typing
minornew2014-04-04Relaxing the coherence check for with-constraint re-exports
  0006361 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
minornew2014-04-03Hashtbl.hash does not terminate on recursive lazy value
  0006191 [OCaml]
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
featurenew2014-04-02Missing argument for ocamldep to tell it where output binaries will be placed
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-04-02ocamlc -o doesn't work for C files
OCaml backend (code generation)
featureconfirmed2014-04-02OCAMLPARAM Support for Disabling Position-Independent Code (PIC) Generation
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02camlidl support in ocamlbuild
  0006099 [OCaml]
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02Add ocamlbuild tags mirroring command line options
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02Global predicates
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02Allow user to add new commandline options in the plugin.
  0006096 [OCaml]
OCamlbuild (the tool)
majoracknowledged2014-04-02Validate what is needed to fully support Windows
  0006095 [OCaml]
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02Interactive init of default project files
OCaml documentation
featureacknowledged2014-04-02improve ocamlbuild documentation
  0006086 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
featureacknowledged2014-04-02ocamlbuild documentation with ocamlfind
  0006068 [OCaml]
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02Extend .odocl to allow file copy
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2014-04-02Targets that spit out the files needed to install a .mllib
OCaml typing
featurenew2014-04-02Existential types for exceptions
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2014-04-01Ability to define --foo= options in Arg
  0006354 [OCaml]
OCaml backend (code generation)
featurenew2014-03-29[github patch] cmm arithmetic optimizations
OCaml general
featurenew2014-03-28Bind part of a while condition to a name
OCaml runtime system
minornew2014-03-28Very slow backtraces in bytecode : debug infos read from the filesystem everytime
  0006353 [OCaml]
OCaml runtime system
featurenew2014-03-27[github patch] Ephemerons
  0006355 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
minornew2014-03-27Improve documentation of finalizers & multithreading
OCaml general
minornew2014-03-26Toplevel printer does not detect cycles
OCaml backend (code generation)
majornew2014-03-24[aarch64] ocamldoc fails to link with multiple errors: relocation truncated to fit: R_AARCH64_LDST64_ABS_LO12_NC
OCaml general
minorresolved2014-03-19undefined integer overflows
OCaml general
majorfeedback2014-03-17Processes opened using Unix.open_process* inherit all opened file descriptors (including sockets)
OCaml runtime system
majorconfirmed2014-03-13Out of memory when using the Marshal module
OCaml backend (code generation)
featurenew2014-03-13Useless indirection to access a known top-level function
  0006338 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
featurenew2014-03-05Generic operation canary
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