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OCaml windows on Windows not handling reads and writes to same socket
OCaml documentation
textacknowledged2015-11-28Undocumented exception(s) in the Num module
OCaml general
featureassigned (gasche)2015-11-28An "-args <path>" option to pass command-line flags in a file
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
featurefeedback2015-11-28ocamldep: Argument list too long
OCaml general
featureresolved2015-11-28Add support for hexadecimal floating-point literals
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2015-11-28Toplevel: toplevel swallows exception in installed custom printers
OCaml general
featureconfirmed (gasche)2015-11-28Warn on ambiguous variables used in a when clause
OCaml windows
minorfeedback2015-11-28Unix.execvpe doesn't change environment on Cygwin and maybe Windows
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-11-28Use of @@ seems to trip backtrace line reports
OCaml general
minorresolved2015-11-28wrong backtrace printed when mixing modules with and without debug info
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
minoracknowledged2015-11-28Parsing of semicolon followed by binary operator is confusing
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-11-28Puzzling infinite loop with oddly accepted program
OCaml backend (code generation)
tweakacknowledged2015-11-28compiler crash when compiling objects with -nopervasives -nostdlib
OCaml standard library
minorresolved2015-11-28Improving marshaling of big values on 64 bit platforms.
OCaml runtime system
featureacknowledged2015-11-28make ocamlrun versioned, make ocaml bytecode executable (non -custom) find runtime on PATH
OCaml runtime system
minoracknowledged2015-11-28ocamlrun should check compatibility of stublibs in CAML_LD_LIBRARY_PATH
OCaml backend (code generation)
minorresolved2015-11-28Compilation failure related to unboxing Int64 on 32-bit machines
OCaml general
crashacknowledged2015-11-28natdynlink reproducible segfault
OCaml backend (code generation)
majoracknowledged2015-11-28options -nodynlink and -fno-PIC together produce assembler errors for MSVC64
  0007064 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
minornew2015-11-28deprecated attribute not properly interpreted on modules
OCaml standard library
minoracknowledged2015-11-27Deprecate Stream and Genlex
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minorconfirmed2015-11-27Use compilerlibs instead of explicit lists of modules from the compiler
OCaml general
tweakacknowledged2015-11-27Better compilation of local functions only used for tail calls
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-11-27Add hint to "Unbound value .{}" error messages
OCaml general
tweakfeedback2015-11-27Improve Cmm code generator for "for" loops.
OCaml typing
crashconfirmed2015-11-27Assert failure from polymorphic variants and existentials
OCaml typing
crashconfirmed2015-11-27Ctype.Unify(_) with associated functor args containing open PV/obj. type and open obj. type.
OCaml general
majorconfirmed2015-11-27Memory-mapping of bigarrays may exhaust address space
OCaml runtime system
majorassigned (garrigue)2015-11-27Poor tracking of extra heap resources
OCaml general
majoracknowledged2015-11-27exceptions lose identity after marshalling
  0007063 [OCaml]
minornew2015-11-27error report cites line-number which is not anywhere close to the actual error.
OCaml runtime system
majorassigned (doligez)2015-11-27Out of memory when using the Marshal module
OCaml windows
majorconfirmed2015-11-27ocamlopt -shared fails on cygwin 64bit
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-11-27Toplevel let should take attributes.
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-11-27ext_attributes should be available toplevel open and module
Ocaml optimization
minorresolved2015-11-27Optimize test for empty string
OCaml standard library
featureconfirmed2015-11-27Truncating buffers could come in handy
  0006974 [OCaml]
featureacknowledged2015-11-27Allow diversions / allow composing of document structure / allow changing of order of sections
OCaml standard library
featureacknowledged2015-11-27Provide functionality to set Pervasive's stderr to unbuffered bahaviour (Unix-like behaviour)
  0006971 [OCaml]
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
featureacknowledged2015-11-27ocamldep -sort, make it work on cmo and cmx files
  0007062 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
majornew2015-11-27Document the command-line options of `ocamldep`
  0006952 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
featureacknowledged2015-11-27access to row variables
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2015-11-27ocamlbuild should support -intf -impl and -intf-suffix
OCaml otherlibs
minorresolved2015-11-27Segmentation faults of thread library when memory is limited
OCamlbuild (the tool)
featureacknowledged2015-11-27Using ocamlbuild to generate dynamic libraries (*.so/*.dll) with a C-API and an OCaml implementation?
OCaml general
featureassigned (chambart)2015-11-27Timings for the various passes of the compiler
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-11-27Warning 8 suppresses warning 25
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
majoracknowledged2015-11-27The list command of ocamldebug uses the wrong file
OCaml general
minorresolved2015-11-27ocaml does not understand
Ocaml optimization
minoracknowledged2015-11-27Polymorphic variant with no arguments aren't treated as immediate in record field assignment
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