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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
OCaml general
minornew2014-12-08Signatures as ppx payload
OCaml general
featurefeedback2014-12-07no more identifiers with accented characters
OCaml general
featurefeedback2014-12-07Bind part of a while condition to a name
OCaml standard library
featureacknowledged2014-12-06add a UChar module to the standard library
OCaml backend (code generation)
tweakacknowledged2014-12-06Compilation of record functional modification is costly
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
featureconfirmed2014-12-05ocamldebug should be able to work with Dynlink code
OCaml runtime system
featureacknowledged2014-12-05Provide primitive to extract debug information from a closure
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minoracknowledged2014-12-05Install .cmt[i] files.
OCaml backend (code generation)
minoracknowledged2014-12-05Backtraces truncated with 4.02
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2014-12-04Cross compilation for iOs, Android etc
OCaml otherlibs
minoracknowledged2014-12-04Unix.in_channel_of_descr causes the underlying Unix FD to be closed when the channel is GC'd
  0006667 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minornew2014-12-04Failure of tests/prim-bswap/ on arm64
OCaml general
featureresolved2014-12-03Really annoying change of semantics of exceptions
OCaml runtime system
minorresolved2014-11-29integer unary negation mishandled
OCaml documentation
minornew2014-11-29Chapter 7 of the manual now has 27 sections
  0006679 [OCaml]
OCaml general
majornew2014-11-28pprintast bug around constraint in 4.02.1
OCaml general
majornew2014-11-26Toplevel let should take attributes.
  0006675 [OCaml]
OCaml runtime system
minorconfirmed2014-11-26GC callbacks
OCaml general
minornew2014-11-24Unused variance specification allowed on destructive type substitution
OCaml documentation
featurefeedback2014-11-24Document Char.unsafe_chr
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-11-24native compilation optimization of tuple assignment
OCaml windows
minornew2014-11-23Environment variable 'TZ' affects Unix.gettimeofday
OCaml standard library
featureacknowledged2014-11-21implement Stack.fold
  0006668 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
tweaknew2014-11-21Missing "type-constraint" in grammar for "mod-constraint"
OCaml typing
minornew2014-11-20GADT and subtyping
OCaml general
featurenew2014-11-19Add module _ = X syntax
  0006666 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featurenew2014-11-19Feature: shorter syntax to include parts from another module
OCaml general
majornew2014-11-18A misleading typo in parsetree.mli
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-11-18In core_type, [@attr] should bind less tightly than *
OCaml typing
featureacknowledged2014-11-17Type alias or module type alias should not be taken into account for signature inclusion
  0003622 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-11-17Fold function for Stack
OCaml general
minornew2014-11-14cross-compiler: version check not working on OS X
  0006655 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
featurenew2014-11-10Alias built-in types and pre-defined exceptions in Pervasives
  0006654 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
minornew2014-11-10Destructive substitution on classes produces unrepresentable module type
OCamlbuild (the tool)
minornew2014-11-10ocamlbuild -clean does not print a newline after output
OCaml typing
minornew2014-11-10Undue polymorphic methods in class types parameterized by the type of self
  0006642 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featurenew2014-11-10Add rpath-like $ORIGIN support to compiler flags embedded in cma/cmxa
  0006641 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minornew2014-11-10ocamlmklib should support more options (-g, &c)
  0006645 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
tweaknew2014-11-07Guarantee that Set.add doesn't allocate and returns the original set if the added element is already in the set
  0006644 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featurenew2014-11-04Matching against infinity, neg_infinity and nan
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2014-10-31wish: -str option for ocaml
OCaml documentation
minornew2014-10-31docs should mention that open! also suppresses warning 33
OCaml typing
featurefeedback2014-10-30Allowing extra 'type' fields in signature inclusion check
OCaml general
minornew2014-10-29Add -v and/or --version options as an alias to -version
  0006622 [OCaml]
OCaml runtime system
featureconfirmed2014-10-29Loss exception location and backtrace while mix with "c" code
OCaml general
textacknowledged2014-10-29Cryptic syntax error message: operator expected
OCaml general
crashresolved2014-10-29Unison crashes on some platforms when built with 4.02
  0006635 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minornew2014-10-28Support local open syntax for empty delimiters M.[], M.() etc.
OCaml typing
minornew2014-10-28Type $t is not included in type $t
OCaml general
minornew2014-10-28Error message for module used where a module type is expected is confusing
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