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OCaml general
featurenew2014-12-23Do not display warning 40 in a non-ambiguous match
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged (garrigue)2014-12-23Redundant type annotation on argument causes polymorphic-recursive definition to be rejected
OCaml general
minoracknowledged (doligez)2014-12-22cross-compiler: version check not working on OS X
  0006732 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
minornew2014-12-22Buffer.add_substitute is not surjective and its documentation is incomplete.
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged2014-12-22GADT and subtyping
OCaml standard library
minorfeedback2014-12-22int_of_string fails on integers starting with a +
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-12-22Matching against infinity, neg_infinity and nan
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-22Warn equality with NaN
OCaml general
featurefeedback2014-12-22Add rpath-like $ORIGIN support to compiler flags embedded in cma/cmxa
OCaml documentation
minorfeedback2014-12-22docs should mention that open! also suppresses warning 33
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-22Add -v and/or --version options as an alias to -version
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-22Support local open syntax for empty delimiters M.[], M.() etc.
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged2014-12-22Type $t is not included in type $t
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-22Error message for module used where a module type is expected is confusing
  0006730 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minornew2014-12-22Wish: -dsource/-dparsetree for ocamldep
  0006655 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
featureconfirmed2014-12-22Alias built-in types and pre-defined exceptions in Pervasives
OCaml typing
featureacknowledged2014-12-22Absolute name for built-in types such as int, bool, ... ?
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minorconfirmed2014-12-22Remove race conditions in parallel builds
OCamlbuild (the tool)
textconfirmed2014-12-22ocamlbuild -clean does not print a newline after output
  0006645 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
tweakacknowledged2014-12-22Guarantee that Set.add doesn't allocate and returns the original set if the added element is already in the set
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-22ocamlmklib should support more options (-g, &c)
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2014-12-22Specify the filename to use for locations
OCaml general
minorresolved (garrigue)2014-12-22Do something with *predef*.option
OCaml typing
tweakresolved (garrigue)2014-12-22[github patch] introduce Asttypes.arrow_flag to encode labelled arguments (instead of using string manipulations)
  0006601 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
tweakacknowledged2014-12-21advertise caml_strdup in 19.10.2 instead of strcpy
OCaml general
majornew2014-12-21A misleading typo in parsetree.mli
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2014-12-21Static exception handlers (i.e. well-disciplined gotos!)
  0006679 [OCaml]
OCaml general
majornew2014-12-21pprintast bug around constraint in 4.02.1
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minoracknowledged2014-12-21Install .cmt[i] files.
OCaml runtime system
minorassigned (shinwell)2014-12-21RFE: build libasmrun_shared too
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2014-12-21Cross compilation for iOs, Android etc
OCaml general
minorassigned (whitequark)2014-12-21Also recognize [@@ocaml.warning]
OCaml general
majornew2014-12-21Toplevel let should take attributes.
OCaml general
featureassigned (whitequark)2014-12-21-o is ignored for C files
OCaml runtime system
minorconfirmed2014-12-21Name clash with memory.h header file with the Android NDK
OCaml backend (code generation)
featureconfirmed2014-12-21OCAMLPARAM Support for Disabling Position-Independent Code (PIC) Generation
OCaml standard library
minorresolved (gasche)2014-12-21Do not implicitly use ISO-8859-1 in Char.uppercase/lowercase and derived functions
OCaml general
minorresolved (whitequark)2014-12-21Do not treat paths as encoded in ISO-8859-1
OCaml standard library
featureresolved (gasche)2014-12-21Expose caml_string_equal &c to OCaml
OCamlbuild (the tool)
minorresolved (whitequark)2014-12-21ocamlbuild should pass -linkpkg together with -output-obj
OCaml general
minorresolved (whitequark)2014-12-21-use-runtime is broken without -custom
OCaml general
textresolved (garrigue)2014-12-21Non-exhaustive matching warning message for open types is confusing
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-20Support for custom #... symbols (processed by ppx rewriters)
  0006722 [OCaml]
OCaml backend (code generation)
featurenew2014-12-20support for the x32 architecture
OCaml standard library
minornew2014-12-20Reduce dependencies of Dynlink
OCaml general
featureassigned (whitequark)2014-12-20Backtraces in toplevel
OCaml typing
featureresolved (gasche)2014-12-20support "let module rec ... in ..."
OCaml standard library
minornew2014-12-20Printf.sprintf "%F" misbehavior
  0006728 [OCaml]
OCaml general
featurenew2014-12-20Enable -g and OCAMLRUNPARAM=b by default
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2014-12-19Turn warning on using non-US-ASCII ISO-8859-1 characters in identifiers into error
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