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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
OCaml backend (code generation)
crashresolved (shinwell)2015-04-24subst_boxed_number sometimes fails to record that a boxed value is needed
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2015-04-22Cross-compilers cannot link bytecode executables using custom primitives
OCaml runtime system
minorassigned (gasche)2015-04-13Name clash with memory.h header file with the Android NDK
OCaml typing
minorresolved (garrigue)2015-04-13Assertion failure in typing/ line 583-ish
OCamlbuild (the tool)
majorresolved (gasche)2015-04-11ocamlbuild infer tag breaks mezzo
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
minorassigned (doligez)2015-04-08ocamlobjinfo: missing symbol caml_plugin_header due to underscore
  0006831 [OCaml]
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minoracknowledged2015-04-07Build breaks for -aspp gcc on solaris-like OSs
  0006786 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged2015-04-03type error involving 'include' and applicative functors
OCaml typing
minorassigned (garrigue)2015-04-03private lost after rebinding module
OCaml otherlibs
minorfeedback2015-04-02Builtin pathname for Graphics library wrong
OCaml general
minorclosed (doligez)2015-04-02cross-compiler: version check not working on OS X
minorassigned (doligez)2015-04-01Ocamldoc fails with "analyse_module: parsetree and typedtree don't match"
OCaml runtime system
crashfeedback2015-03-31The runtime does not expose a way to reliably kill the "tick" thread, leading to segfault after exiting the runtime
OCaml standard library
minorconfirmed2015-03-30Weird behavior with partial application of Format.asprintf.
OCamlbuild (the tool)
textclosed2015-03-27ocamlbuild -clean does not print a newline after output
OCamlbuild (the tool)
minorclosed2015-03-27Some relative symlinks seem not to be followed
OCaml otherlibs
majorclosed2015-03-27big_int_of_string incorrectly parses some hexa literals.
OCamlbuild (the tool)
minorclosed (xclerc)2015-03-27OCamlbuild ignores relative-symlinked subdirectories or subdirectories with a trailing slash.
OCaml standard library
tweakresolved (frisch)2015-03-27Guarantee that Set.add doesn't allocate and returns the original set if the added element is already in the set
OCaml general
minornew2015-03-25-output-obj should support autolink
OCaml runtime system
minorresolved (dim)2015-03-25Release the runtime system when calling caml_dlopen
minorclosed (doligez)2015-03-25Incorrect handling of \r when processing "Windows" source files
OCaml windows
minorclosed (doligez)2015-03-25Environment variable 'TZ' affects Unix.gettimeofday
OCaml general
minorresolved (frisch)2015-03-24Support for custom #... symbols (processed by ppx rewriters)
OCaml documentation
textacknowledged (shinwell)2015-03-20Registering threads created from C
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
majorconfirmed (shinwell)2015-03-20Fail to compile 'asmrun/signals_asm.c'.
OCaml documentation
trivialconfirmed2015-03-20Improve documentation of Bigarray.Genarray.map_file
OCaml typing
majoracknowledged2015-03-20Assertion fires when compiling with -rectypes
OCaml general
minorresolved (frisch)2015-03-18In core_type, [@attr] should bind less tightly than *
  0005015 [OCaml]
OCamlbuild (the tool)
minoracknowledged2015-03-16ocamlbuild doesn't compile files in subdirectory even if dependencies are correct
OCamlbuild (the tool)
OCaml runtime system
minorassigned (shinwell)2015-03-15RFE: build libasmrun_shared too
OCaml general
minorresolved2015-03-13-intf flag not respected when type checking implementations against interface files
OCaml standard library
minorresolved2015-03-11String.blit should be [@@ocaml.deprecated]
OCamlbuild (the tool)
minorassigned (dim)2015-03-11ocamlbuild should pass -package flags when building C files
OCaml standard library
minorresolved (frisch)2015-03-11Array.init evaluates callback although it should not do so
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2015-03-09Cross compilation for iOs, Android etc
OCaml general
minorclosed (doligez)2015-03-04ocamlc is being noisy when running with g++-4.4
OCaml otherlibs
trivialclosed (doligez)2015-03-03include guards missing for unixsupport.h
OCaml otherlibs
majorconfirmed2015-03-01Num.mod_num behaves differently depending on its internal representation
  0006796 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minornew2015-02-27-cclib should pass flags to the ld -r invocation used in -output-obj
OCaml documentation
minorclosed2015-02-27The manual doesn't mention 0x200 flag for OCAMLRUNPARAM=v
minorassigned (guesdon)2015-02-26-colorize-code causes unnecessary < br> tags to be added to < pre> blocks
OCaml general
minorresolved (doligez)2015-02-26parsing/Location.prerr_warning is hard-coded to use Format.err_formatter
OCaml general
minorclosed2015-02-26-annot option causes segfault
OCaml otherlibs
minorclosed2015-02-25otherlibs should be built with -g
OCaml general
majorassigned (chambart)2015-02-24Failure of tests/prim-bigstring/{big,} on big-endian architectures
OCaml standard library
minorresolved (gasche)2015-02-15Digest.file leaks fds on error
OCaml runtime system
minorclosed2015-02-10GC callbacks
OCaml runtime system
minoracknowledged2015-02-09Thread lock up
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