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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-04-09Bug in printf: skip_args + String.unsafe_get ?
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-04-09directory misuse hangs ocamlwin
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-04-06Bug in ARM ocaml 3.01
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-04-06labltk native code build problem on arm.
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-30bug sur la compilation des or-patterns ?
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-30some cleanup patches and other stuff ...
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-29Compile-problem: no file "boot/ocamlrun"
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-29Filename.temp_file doc not precise enough
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-27installing 3.01 on FreeBSD 3.3 (i386)
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-26Bug Or-Pat
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-26O'Caml 3.01: Fatal error: Bytegen.comp_expr and Selection.size_expr
OCaml general
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-25Login-Failure? Document not available
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-15source rpm spec file bug.
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-15PRIVATE: exceptions
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-142 bogues de documentation
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-14OCaml 3.01 does not compile on FreeBSD 2.2.5
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-133.01 Mac toplevel is significantly slower than 3.00
OCaml general
  0000304 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-06Installation O'Caml sous MacOS X
  0000301 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-06[ Re: Big Brother/OCaml for Mac OS X]
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-06On Macintosh/MPW, please don't put a full-path in camlheader
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-06Graphics.status.button bug on Macintosh
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-06ocamlopt -p sur Linux/x86, Glibc 2.1
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-06problem with class types in camlp4
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05parameterized recursive types broken
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05^c^c crashes ocaml
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05Re: Installing O'Caml 3.0 under MPW
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05Re: ocaml 3.00 - compilation problem
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05Re: [Caml-list] Thank you for backtraces!
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05In order to make it perfect...
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05Re: problems with OCaml 3.01 beta
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05Typage objet+variants polymorphes
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-05Old bug fixed?
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-03bug dans les objets
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-03-01bignum library
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-27Doc de l'option -I
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-27unix.cma avant threads.cma
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-27Un oubli dans le manuel
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-27Page man pour ocamldebug.
OCaml general
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-20[bignums] compilation fails if "as" not available
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-20run-caml problems in emacs
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-20linking problems with implicit C-options
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-12#trace ne marche pas sur les fonctions de bibliotheque
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-12bug in Nativeint
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-12toplevel functionality not installed during installation
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-12suggestion: add indexes to the ocaml pdf documentation's t.o.c. (fwd)
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-12Printf et application partielle
OCaml general
minorclosed2001-02-05e/s sur canaux ferme's
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