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  0007223 [OCaml]
OCaml backend (code generation)
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Pack, CMI and module aliases
OCaml backend (code generation)
featureacknowledged (shinwell)2016-04-18please add an option to enable debug symbols only
OCaml typing
featureconfirmed2016-04-18simplify using gadt with lambda
OCaml standard library
featureacknowledged2016-04-18Reveal the type of Unix.inet_addr
OCaml standard library
OCaml general
featureacknowledged2016-04-18Expose more compiler-libs internals in Toploop
minorfeedback (guesdon)2016-04-18warning for inherited library classes
OCaml general
featureconfirmed2016-04-18Do not require bitness of compiler host and target to match
OCaml general
minorconfirmed2016-04-18no exit on bad #use in ocaml scripts
  0005067 [OCaml]
textconfirmed2016-04-18ocamldoc doesn't preserve type contraints and `_`, producing unreadable interfaces
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18[> {typexpr} as 't ] yields a syntax error with yacc syntax
OCaml general
textacknowledged2016-04-18Warning message for unused exception uses "extension", which is confusing.
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
featureconfirmed (meurer)2016-04-18fix support for OpenBSD/macppc (32-bit powerpc)
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Adapt emacs mode to generate .annot from .cmt files
minorassigned (guesdon)2016-04-18Ocamldoc: "Module or module type ?? not found" when including a functor application
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
minoracknowledged2016-04-18ocamldebug documentation issues
  0005898 [OCaml]
minorassigned (guesdon)2016-04-18Ocamldoc does not generate links to nested module types
OCaml backend (code generation)
minorassigned (shinwell)2016-04-18Atomic load primitives
OCaml documentation
minorfeedback (doligez)2016-04-18some problems in the 4.01 documentation
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged (garrigue)2016-04-18Type equality broken for conjunctive polymorphic variant tags
OCaml documentation
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Constraints on type declarations can be of the form "typexpr = typexpr", not only "'ident = typexpr"
OCaml typing
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Signatures with private types can make modules less constrained
OCaml general
minorconfirmed2016-04-18duplicate locations cause 'unused warnings' to be lost
  0006080 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Some error and warning messages are not in the standard format.
OCaml typing
minorassigned (garrigue)2016-04-18Odd behaviour of type expressions in polymorphic variant tag specifications
OCaml documentation
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Function call evaluation order varies more than manual allows
  0006201 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18printing of types inconsistent with -short-paths
OCaml documentation
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Misleading comment on private type abbreviations
  0006603 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
minorassigned (lpw25)2016-04-18Undocumented behavior with extension constructors added to abstract types
  0006654 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Destructive substitution on classes produces unrepresentable module type
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged (garrigue)2016-04-18Quirk of the type-checker: a strange disappearance of warning 20 (unused argument)
OCaml typing
minoracknowledged (garrigue)2016-04-18Redundant type annotation on argument causes polymorphic-recursive definition to be rejected
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Turn warning on using non-US-ASCII ISO-8859-1 characters in identifiers into error
OCaml documentation
minoracknowledged2016-04-18ocamlopt -shared -o creates by-products in a confusing place; documentation clarification welcome
  0006709 [OCaml]
OCaml documentation
minorconfirmed2016-04-18Document the associativity of operators declared in Pervasives in Pervasives itself.
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Wish: -dsource/-dparsetree for ocamldep
OCaml standard library
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Buffer.add_substitute is not surjective and its documentation is incomplete.
OCaml typing
minorassigned (garrigue)2016-04-18`as` ignored on types containing universal variables
OCaml documentation
minoracknowledged2016-04-18add Table with filename-extensions
  0006769 [OCaml]
OCaml standard library
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Formatting tags are lost on a flush
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Separate the build of ocamlbuild, ocamldoc, ocamldebug (non-mandatory tools) from the build of the compiler
OCaml tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,browser,debug})
minoracknowledged2016-04-18ocamldebug fails to use installed printer on types defined in the module being stepped
  0006786 [OCaml]
OCaml typing
minorconfirmed2016-04-18type error involving 'include' and applicative functors
OCaml documentation
minorresolved2016-04-18Debugging byte code and profiling native code documentation
  0006807 [OCaml]
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Check that loaded dll*.so have matching ABI
OCaml otherlibs
minorassigned (dim)2016-04-18Uncaught exceptions inside threads don't trigger handler set via Printexc.set_uncaught_exception_handler
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minoracknowledged2016-04-18Get rid of #ml from config/Makefile
OCaml internal build/install (Makefiles, configure)
minorassigned (doligez)2016-04-18Do not install native-code executables when cross-compiling
OCaml windows
minorassigned (doligez)2016-04-18linking with flexlink fails when passing arguments by response file
OCaml general
minoracknowledged2016-04-18no warning when ignoring a partially applied function in a match with expression
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