Module Stdpp

module Stdpp: sig  end
Standard definitions.

exception Exc_located of ((int * int) * exn)
Exc_located loc e is an encapsulation of the exception e with the input location loc. To be used in quotation expanders and in grammars to specify some input location for an error. Do not raise this exception directly: rather use the following function raise_with_loc.
val raise_with_loc : int * int -> exn -> 'a
raise_with_loc loc e, if e is already the exception Exc_located, re-raise it, else raise the exception Exc_located loc e.
val line_of_loc : string -> int * int -> string * int * int * int
line_of_loc fname loc reads the file fname up to the location loc and returns the real input file, the line number and the characters location in the line; the real input file can be different from fname because of possibility of line directives typically generated by /lib/cpp.
val loc_name : string ref
Name of the location variable used in grammars and in the predefined quotations for OCaml syntax trees. Default: loc