Module Uchar

module Uchar: sig .. end
Unicode characters.
Since 4.03

type t 
The type for Unicode characters.

A value of this type represents an Unicode scalar value which is an integer in the ranges 0x0000...0xD7FF or 0xE000...0x10FFFF.

val min : t
min is U+0000.
val max : t
max is U+10FFFF.
val succ : t -> t
succ u is the scalar value after u in the set of Unicode scalar values.
Raises Invalid_argument if u is Uchar.max.
val pred : t -> t
pred u is the scalar value before u in the set of Unicode scalar values.
Raises Invalid_argument if u is Uchar.min.
val is_valid : int -> bool
is_valid n is true iff n is an Unicode scalar value (i.e. in the ranges 0x0000...0xD7FF or 0xE000...0x10FFFF).
val of_int : int -> t
of_int i is i as an Unicode character.
Raises Invalid_argument if i does not satisfy Uchar.is_valid.
val to_int : t -> int
to_int u is u as an integer.
val is_char : t -> bool
is_char u is true iff u is a latin1 OCaml character.
val of_char : char -> t
of_char c is c as an Unicode character.
val to_char : t -> char
to_char u is u as an OCaml latin1 character.
Raises Invalid_argument if u does not satisfy Uchar.is_char.
val equal : t -> t -> bool
equal u u' is u = u'.
val compare : t -> t -> int
compare u u' is u u'.
val hash : t -> int
hash u associates a non-negative integer to u.
val dump : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
dump ppf u prints a representation of u on ppf using only US-ASCII encoded characters according to the Unicode notational convention for code points.