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Objective Caml 1.02 released
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Date: -- (:)
From: Xavier Leroy <xleroy@p...>
Subject: Objective Caml 1.02 released

It's my pleasure to announce release 1.02 of Objective Caml.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, the native-code compiler has been
ported to three more platforms (HPPA under HP/UX, Intel x86 under
Solaris 2, PowerMacintosh under MkLinux), and the "unix" and "threads"
libraries are now available under Windows.

A more complete list of changes from 1.01 is given at the end of this

Sources, diffs from 1.01, documentation, and Win32 binaries are
available from the usual location:

Please report all problems to

- Xavier Leroy

Objective Caml 1.02:
* Typing: 
  - fixed bug with type names escaping their scope via unification
    with non-generalized type variables '_a;
  - keep #class abbreviations longer;
  - faster checking of well-formed object types in declarations;
  - stricter checking of "with" constraints over signatures (arity
    mismatch, overriding of an already manifest type).

* Compilation (ocamlc and ocamlopt):
  - fixed bug in compilation of recursive classes;
  - [|...|] and let...rec... allowed inside definitions of recursive
    data structures;

* Bytecode compilation: fixed overflow in linker for programs with
  more than 65535 globals and constants.

* Native-code compilation:
  - ocamlopt ported to HPPA under HP/UX, Intel x86 under Solaris 2,
    PowerMacintosh under MkLinux;
  - fixed two bugs related to floating-point arrays (one with "t array"
    where t is an abstract type implemented as float, one with
    comparison between two float arrays on 32 bit platforms);
  - fixed reloading/spilling problem causing non-termination of
    register allocation;
  - fixed bugs in handling of () causing loss of tail recursion;
  - fixed reloading bug in indirect calls.

* Windows NT/95 port:
  - complete port of the threads library (Pascal Cuoq);
  - partial port of the Unix library (Pascal Cuoq);
  - expansion of *, ? and @ on the command line.

* Standard library:
  - bug in in List.exists2 fixed;
  - bug in " n" for very large n on 64-bit machines fixed;
  - module Format: added a "general purpose" type of box (open_box);
    can output on several formatters at the same time.

* The "threads" library:
  - implementation on top of native threads available for Win32 and
    POSIX 1003.1c;
  - added -thread option to select a thread-safe version of the
    standard library, the ThreadIO module is no longer needed.

* The "graph" library: avoid invalid pixmaps when doing 
  open_graph/close_graph several times.

* The "dynlink" library: support for "private" (no re-export) dynamic loading.

* ocamlyacc: skip '...' character literals correctly.

* C interface: C code linked with O'Caml code can provide its own main()
  and call caml_main() later.