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Objective Caml 1.04 released
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Date: 1997-03-11 (14:54)
From: Xavier Leroy <xleroy@p...>
Subject: Objective Caml 1.04 released
Release 1.04 of Objective Caml is now available.

The main novelty in this release is the port of the Caml Light replay
debugger. Also, the native-code compiler now works on Silicon
Graphics, weak pointers are supported, and the foreign interface
was enriched to make calling Caml from C easier.

A detailed list of changes follows at the end of this message.

The sources and Windows binaries are available by anonymous FTP
at Diffs are not available due to
bootstrapping difficulties.

See for documentation and general info
about Objective Caml.

- Xavier Leroy

Objective Caml 1.04:

* Replay debugger ported from Caml Light; added debugger support in
  compiler (option -g) and runtime system. Debugger is alpha-quality
  and needs testing.

* Parsing:
  - Support for "# linenum" directives.
  - At toplevel, allow several phrases without intermediate ";;".

* Typing:
  - Allow constraints on datatype parameters, e.g. 
    type 'a foo = ... constraint 'a = 'b * 'c.
  - Fixed bug in signature matching in presence of free type variables '_a.
  - Extensive cleanup of internals of type inference.

* Native-code compilation:
  - Inlining of small functions at point of call (fairly conservative).
  - MIPS code generator ported to SGI IRIX 6.
  - Better code generated for large integer constants.
  - Check for urgent GC when allocating large objects in major heap.
  - PowerPC port: better scheduling, reduced TOC consumption.
  - HPPA port: handle long conditional branches gracefully,
    several span-dependent bugs fixed.

* Standard library:
  - More floating-point functions (all ANSI C float functions now available).
  - Hashtbl: added functorial interface (allow providing own equality
    and hash functions); rehash when resizing, avoid memory leak on
  - Added Char.uppercase, Char.lowercase, String.uppercase, String.lowercase,
    String.capitalize, String.uncapitalize.
  - New module Weak for manipulating weak pointers.
  - New module Callback for registering closures and exceptions to be
    used from C.

* Foreign interface:
  - Better support for callbacks (C calling Caml), exception raising
    from C, and main() in C. Added function to remove a global root.
  - Option -output-obj to package Caml code as a C library.

* Thread library: fixed bug in timed_read and timed_write operations;
  Lexing.from_function and Lexing.from_channel now reentrant.

* Unix interface: renamed EACCESS to EACCES (the POSIX name); added setsid;
  fixed bug in inet_addr_of_string for 64-bit platforms.

* Ocamlyacc: default error function no longer prevents error recovery.

* Ocamllex: fixed reentrancy problem w.r.t. exceptions during refill;
  fixed output problem (\r\r\n) under Win32.

* Macintosh port:
  - The makefiles are provided for compiling and installing O'Caml on
    a Macintosh with MPW 3.4.1.
  - An application with the toplevel in a window is forthcoming.

* Windows NT/95 port: updated toplevel GUI to that of Caml Light 0.73.

* Emacs editing mode and debugger interface included in distribution.