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problems with classes and polymorphic recursion
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Date: 2000-05-04 (16:35)
From: Stephan Houben <stephan@p...>
Subject: problems with classes and polymorphic recursion
Hello list,

I'm trying to write a class for doing a finite mapping of "terms" 
on some value 'a.
A term is defined as:

    type term = Term of term list | Atom

The idea is to have a class term_map that maps terms on 'a (as said above)
which uses another class termlist_map that maps "term list"'s on 'a.

A term_map can contain a termlist_map; when it is given a Term <somelist>,
then it asks its termlist_map to get the value for <somelist>.

Similarly, a termlist_map contains a term_map, in which it looks up the
head of the list (for a non-empty list). The result of this look-up should
be another termlist_map, in which the tail of the list is looked up.

(See for the complete code the end of this message.)

The problem is that the type inferencing gives me a type that is too
restrictive: according to ocaml, the expression "new term_map"
has type:

 ((Objtest.term list, 'a) Objtest.map as 'a) Objtest.term_map

whereas I would expect (and want it to have) just "'_a Objtest.term_map". 

It appears to me (after reading some older postings on the list) that
the two classes have a polymorphic recursive relation. I.e.
"'a term_map" contains a "'a termlist_map", which in turn contains
a "('a termlist_map) term_map". Which leads the typechecker
to identify "'a" with "'a termlist_map" (a synonym of which is
"(term list, 'a) map". Which is not useful for me.

Does anyone have any ideas for an elegant solution to work around this


Stephan Houben

-- begin code

    type term = Term of term list | Atom

    let access opt =
      match opt with
	  None -> raise Not_found
	| Some s -> s  

    class type ['key, 'value] map =
	method find : 'key -> 'value
	method add : 'key -> 'value -> unit

    class ['value] term_map =
	val mutable term : (term list, 'value) map option = None
	val mutable atom : 'value option = None
	method find (trm : term) : 'value =
	  match trm with
	      Term lst -> (access term)#find lst
	    | Atom -> access atom

	method add (trm : term) (value : 'value) : unit =
	  match trm with
	      Term lst ->
		(if term = None then term <- Some (new termlist_map);
		 (access term)#add lst value)
	    | Atom -> atom <- Some value	     

    and ['value] termlist_map =
	val mutable nonempty : (term, (term list, 'value) map) map option = None
	val mutable empty : 'value option = None

	method find (lst : term list) : 'value =
	  match lst with
	      x :: xs -> ((access nonempty)#find x)#find xs
	    | [] -> (access empty)

	method add (lst : term list) (value : 'value) : unit =
	  match lst with
	      x :: xs ->
		(if nonempty = None then nonempty <- Some (new term_map);
		 let tailmap = 
		      (access nonempty)#find x
		    with Not_found ->
		      let tailmap = new termlist_map
			(access nonempty)#add x tailmap; tailmap)
		 in tailmap#add xs value)
	    | [] -> empty <- Some value	     

-- end code