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[Q] Callbacking a ocaml function from VC++
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Date: 2000-12-07 (08:07)
From: Hyun-Goo Kang <hgkang@r...>
Subject: [Q] Callbacking a ocaml function from VC++
[Q] Callbacking a ocaml function which uses Unix socket lib from VC++

I'm writing a network program written in ocaml3.0 for win32(for networking)
and VC++6.0(for user interface).

My problem is using a ocaml function which uses ocaml unix library for
socket programming
in a VC++ program.

First i defined a function which use "Unix.connect" like following...

  let connect_server () =
    let ip = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in
    let port = 6765 in
    let sockfd = socket PF_INET SOCK_STREAM 0 in
    let target_addr = ADDR_INET(inet_addr_of_string ip,port) in
    let  _ = connect sockfd target_addr  (* try to make connection *) in
    (* sockfd *) 1;;

 (* this function was already tested in ocaml and operated properly *)

and then to use callback mechanism, i registered that function like

  let _ = Callback.register "connect" connect_server

and then i compiled it like following...

  c:\project> ocamlc -output-obj -o connect.obj unix.cma threads.cma

and then i appended the object(connect.obj) in VC project,
and libcamlrun.lib libunix.lib
and wsock32.lib(if i don't append this, there are many link error),  --->

and then i included whole header files needed for callback like following

  extern "C"
  #include "./ocaml_lib/mlvalues.h"
  #include "./ocaml_lib/callback.h"

and then i called ocaml connect function in VC++ program like following...

int connect_it()
 static value *connect = NULL;
 if (connect == NULL)
  connect = caml_named_value("connect");
 return Int_val(callback(*connect,Val_unit));

void CDlg2Dlg::OnConnect()
  int v;
  char** argv = (char**)malloc(sizeof(char*));;
 char buff[100];

 *argv = NULL;  //"dummy";


 sprintf(buff,"result = %d",connect_it());

But i couldn't get proper result. (VC++ program termination in callback
What is the problem?
I think it's likely that the problem is in (*) point.

Thanks in advance...

Note: I succeeded in other easy example using same style,
      if i don't use Unix or Unix socket library.