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[Caml-list] ocaml/amd64 native compiler on openbsd
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Date: 2004-03-06 (17:37)
From: Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@r...>
Subject: [Caml-list] ocaml/amd64 native compiler on openbsd
I've committed support into OpenBSD ports for the ocaml/amd64 native
compiler.  It will be available in OpenBSD 3.5.

The configure patch at the end of the msg is required to detect the
OpenBSD architectures.  Also, OpenBSD uses BSD nm, and not the binutils
one, but it appears to work fine with ocamlopt, so the test for that is
modified as well.

The only other issue is that the version of gas used in OpenBSD doesnt
support the mergeable section flag, so I just removed it from the assembly
output, without any ill-effects as far as I can tell.

.section .rodata.cst8,"aM",@progbits,8   becomes
.section .rodata.cst8,"a",@progbits

The exceptions fix from ocaml-current was also needed.

--- configure.orig      2003-09-25 09:17:13.000000000 +0100
+++ configure   2004-03-05 15:44:08.000000000 +0000
@@ -537,6 +537,7 @@ case "$host" in
   alpha*-*-freebsd*)            arch=alpha; system=freebsd;;
   alpha*-*-netbsd*)             arch=alpha; system=netbsd;;
   alpha*-*-openbsd*)            arch=alpha; system=openbsd;;
+  amd64-*-openbsd*)            arch=amd64; system=openbsd;;
   sparc*-*-sunos4.*)            arch=sparc; system=sunos;;
   sparc*-*-solaris2.*)          arch=sparc; system=solaris;;
   sparc*-*-*bsd*)               arch=sparc; system=bsd;;
@@ -555,6 +556,7 @@ case "$host" in
   powerpc-*-aix*)               arch=power; model=ppc; system=aix;;
   powerpc-*-linux*)             arch=power; model=ppc; system=elf;;
   powerpc-*-netbsd*)            arch=power; model=ppc; system=bsd;;
+  macppc-*-openbsd*)            arch=power; model=ppc; system=bsd;;
   powerpc-*-rhapsody*)          arch=power; model=ppc; system=rhapsody;;
   powerpc-*-darwin*)            arch=power; model=ppc; system=rhapsody;;
   arm*-*-linux*)                arch=arm; system=linux;;
@@ -629,8 +631,11 @@ esac
 case "$arch,$model,$system" in
   alpha,*,digital) profiling='prof';;
+  alpha,*,openbsd) profiling='prof';;
   i386,*,linux_elf) profiling='prof';;
   i386,*,bsd_elf) profiling='prof';;
+  amd64,*,openbsd) profiling='prof';;
+  sparc,*,bsd) profiling='prof';;
     case "$nativecc" in gcc*) ;; *) cc_profile='-xpg';; esac;;
@@ -654,8 +659,8 @@ if test "$arch" != "none"; then
         echo "$d/objcopy does not support option --redefine-sym, discarded"
-      if test `$d/nm --version | grep -s -c 'GNU nm'` -eq 0; then
-        echo "$d/nm is not from GNU binutils, discarded"
+      if test `$d/nm --version 2>&1|grep -E -s -c 'GNU nm|OpenBSD'` -eq 0; then
+        echo "$d/nm is not from GNU binutils or OpenBSD, discarded"

Anil Madhavapeddy                       
University of Cambridge                

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