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[Caml-list] [ANN] new release of OcamlJitRun - release 1.5-fetnat
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Date: 2004-07-10 (22:04)
From: Basile Starynkevitch [local] <basile.starynkevitch@i...>
Subject: [Caml-list] [ANN] new release of OcamlJitRun - release 1.5-fetnat
Dear All,

Thanks to the hard work of Paolo Bonzini & Laurent Michel, GNU
lightning has evolved (see its CVS for details). 

I was also able to correct some bugs in OcamlJitRun.

Now OcamlJitRun is running successfully on x86 and PowerPC, passing
all the tests. There is still a bug on Sparc (the t120-getstringchar
test fails), but it is not any more a very useful architecture - I
don't know if the bug is in Lightning or in OcamlJit, and the [only]
Sparc machine I am using here is so slow (SpartStation5) that it is
unusable for debugging.

Since OcamlJitRun is now running on PowerPC, I can now use it on my
PowerBook (12", 1.33GHz G4, 768Mb RAM).

If you have some big programs (compiled as a bytecode for future
Ocaml3.08 or Ocaml CVS) I will be glad to test them with OcamlJitRun,
or you can test them also. Any bytecode program (compiled with future
Ocaml3.08 or the latest CVS, not 3.07!) should do.

I am seeking significant Ocaml programs (compilable as bytecode with
future 3.08 or latest CVS) running more than half a minute of CPU (on
eg a 2GHz x86 PC) - and if possible less than 20 or 30 minutes of
CPU. Please suggest me some such programs. Neither Coq, nor CIL or
MetaOcaml are easily compilable with future 3.08 or recent CVS Ocaml -
because of ocamlp4 changes (the ABI for locations has changed) or C
primitive names (the C primitives routines have now a name starting
with caml_ and some programs incorrectly use the name of internal
primitive in the runtime).

If some people happens to use ocamljitrun, please tell me, in
particular the performance gain w.r.t ocamlrun (a factor of nearly two
is typical, provided the JIT translation overhead is negligible -
about 1 microsecond / bytecode instruction), hence my wish of running
times bigger than 10 seconds.

Ocamljitrun mimics the behavior (i.e. the stack and the heap) of the
bytecode interpreter ocamlrun. In particular, it interpret all
tail-recursive functions (even those with hundreds of arguments,
contrarily to ocamlopt) tail-recursively, without eating the stack.

Ocamljitrun works with the toplevel, dynamic linking (Dynlink module)
and runtime bytecode generators (MetaOcaml) - but it cannot be running
a debugged Ocaml bytecode program. OcamlJitRun requires a bytecode
program compiled by the future 3.08 release or the current CVS
snapshot of OCaml (3.07 or earlier Ocaml releases won't work).

See for more (a
submitted paper explains the internals of OcamlJitRun). OcamlJitRun is
free software LGPL license, and there is no restriction on the
bytecode program it executes.

Feel free to give any (positive or negative) feedback about OcamlJitRun.


Basile STARYNKEVITCH -- basile dot starynkevitch at inria dot fr
other email : basile at starynkevitch dot net
Project - phone +33 1 3963 5197 - mobile 6 8501 2359 --- all opinions are only mine 

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