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[Caml-list] Cross-compiling OCaml
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Date: 2004-08-31 (19:02)
From: Brandon J. Van Every <vanevery@i...>
Subject: RE: [Caml-list] Cross-compiling OCaml
John Goerzen wrote:
> Why should I pay so much for the privilege of developing on a
> platform I hate?

It depends on what job you're trying to get done.

> I am tired of you complaining about this or that feature that nobody
> wants, demanding people write it because the gaming marketplace wants
> it,

This is revisionist.  I said Windows native developers *DO NOT* want
Linux cross-compilation, so I'm hoping someone will spare themselves the
trouble of writing such a thing.  Or at least recognize that they're
doing it for Linux developers, not Windows developers.  My wish for more
Windows support from that crowd is just that, wishful.  I said up front
that I realize Linux / Mingw developers aren't into Windows and don't
care.  I just want people to be honest about what they care about and
what practical good it is to anybody.

> and doing nothing at all to address it.  This is not the
> only place you've been doing that.

More nonsense.  What do you think
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ocamlgames/ is for?  What do you think
we've been discussing lately?  If you don't have patience for the level
of output, too bad.  Go start your own game project that solves all the
deployment and mindshare problems.

> I seriously doubt that anybody here wants to work with Windows.  So
> unless you come up with some cash or code, shut up already.

Fortunately, I have no ability to take you seriously on this point.  To
do so would be to admit that OCaml can *NEVER* achieve a good market
position, compared to Java, C#, or even Python.

> OK then.  How about porting whatever it is in OCaml that
> doesn't work on
> Windows?  Go ahead.  I'm sure if you do a good job of it, people will
> be happy to take your patches.

Geez, it's, like, sooooo much more effective to assist someone else
who's ALREADY DEVELOPING OCaml game stuff on Windows.  Are you going to
keep spouting off, or are you going to check out the ocamlgames list
sometime?  Are you into solutions or histrionics?

Cheers,                         www.indiegamedesign.com
Brand*n Van Every               S*attle, WA

Praise Be to the caml-list Bayesian filter! It blesseth
my postings, it is evil crap!  evil crap!  Bigarray!
Unboxed overhead group!  Wondering!  chant chant chant...

Is my technical content showing?

// return an array of 100 packed tuples
  int $[tvar0][2*100]; // what the c function needs
  value $[tvar1]; // one int
  value $[tvar2]; // one tuple
  int $[tvar3] // loop control var
  $[lvar0] = alloc(2*100, 0 /*NB: zero-tagged block*/ );
  for(int $[tvar3]=0;$[tvar3]<100;$[tvar3]++) {
    $[tvar2] = alloc_tuple(2);
    $[tvar1] = Val_int($[cvar0][0+2*$[tvar3]]);
    $[tvar1] = Val_int($[cvar0][1]);

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