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[Caml-list] Who controls INRIA mailserv filters?
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Date: 2004-08-12 (09:28)
From: Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@i...>
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] Who controls INRIA mailserv filters?
> I am irritated, yet again, that I cannot get my announcement for ML
> S*attle to pass the mailserv filters.  Who do I e-mail to do something
> about this?  I also want the words "Brand*n" and "S*attle" removed from
> the bayesian filter.  They are an unreasonable detriment to my ongoing
> organization of OCaml local discussion groups and mailing lists, and
> frankly I'm suspicious that someone put them there deliberately.

Don't get paranoid, please.  If we wanted to prevent you from posting
on this list, you'd be blacklisted for good and none of your posts
would show up.  That happened once for a really abusive poster.  Your
messages aren't abusive, just very repetitive, devoid of technical
content, and full of misconceptions.  Some of your recent Usenet
postings left me shaking my head in disbelief, not knowing whether to
laugh or cry.  But again that's not reason for blacklisting.

It's amusing (as usual) to look at why your announcements are
rejected.  Below are the words on which the filter latched, thinly
disguised.  First attempt:

b r a n d o n : 99
m e e t s : 99
s t u m b l i n g : 01
c a p i t o l : 99
s t u m b l i n g : 01
1 6 3 5: 99
r e s t a u r a n t : 99
s p e c i a l t y : 99
s p e c i a l t y : 99
p a r k i n g : 99
c a p i t o l : 99
p a r k i n g : 99
c a m l -l i s t : 01
b a y e s i a n : 01
c r a p : 01 

Second attempt: 

b r a n d o n : 99
m e e t s : 99
s t u m b l i n g : 01
c a p i t o l : 99
y a h : 99
s t u m b l i n g : 01
1 6 3 5: 99
r e s t a u r a n t : 99
s p e c i a l t y : 99
s p e c i a l t y : 99
p a r k i n g : 99
c a p i t o l : 99
p a r k i n g : 99
c a m l -l i s t : 01
b a y e s i a n: 01 

Two things are clear here: the filter think that discussions of food
and restaurants aren't on topic here; moreover, your attempt to
disguise Yahoo into something else clearly backfired.  If you write
like spammers, you'll be filtered like spammers, that's for sure.

My feeling is that the filter is doing its job quite well (if it
wasn't, there would be several dozens spams a day on this list) and
the last thing I wish to do is offset its delicate balance.  Besides,
I have more interesting things to do.  

Finally, my parents taught me not to use "I want" in polite company,
so I find your demands somewhat rude.  Posting to caml-list isn't a
right, it's a privilege.

Why don't you just put the details of your meeting on a web page and
post a short message "Next meeting on <such date>, see http://URL for
practical details"?  You do realize that > 95% of the subscribers don't
leave in Seattle and couldn't care less about the delicacies and car
park available there, right?

In one of your several follow-ups, you add:

> When I look back over my posts, I see sufficient technical
> content.  You may not like business or organizational issues, or the
> kinds of theatrics they can precipitate, but that's the growing pains of
> any language.  You show me a serious caml-biz list, and I will take the
> traffic there.  Until then, you're stuck with me here.

Sorry if I'm going to flame you, but you should be aware of the following:

- I and many other caml-list regulars don't see sufficient technical
  content.  Your grasp of technical stuff seems quite thin.
- I and many other caml-list regulars don't wish to discuss business
  issues with you.  I don't discuss business on open mailing lists.
- I and many other caml-list regulars don't like your theatrics.
  This isn't Actor's studio.
- The growing pains you mention weren't apparent to us before you
  started making such a noise on this list.
- You're most welcome to create your caml-biz list and discuss whatever
  you want there.  Actually, I feel you aren't interested in discussions
  as much as in asserting your preconceptions, which makes you prime
  material for blogging.
- As I explained above, posting to this list isn't a right, so we
  are not at all "stuck with you here".

Thanks for your attention.

- Xavier Leroy

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