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RE: [Caml-list] Cross-compiling OCaml
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Date: 2004-09-01 (21:06)
From: Brandon J. Van Every <vanevery@i...>
Subject: RE: [Caml-list] Cross-compiling OCaml
John Goerzen wrote:
> > Brandon Van Every wrote:
> >
> > how satisfied they are.  I encountered a similar phenom on
> You also encountered it on freeciv-dev.

Goodness, the C crowd.  If OCaml people were to consider the codebase
and my reactions to it, do you want to take bets on where their
sympathies would lie?  Let's just say my offers to Pythonize stuff met
with crickets chirping.  I did make a VS 2003 build that apparently
nobody but myself actually wanted because they're too UNIX / mingw
oriented.  Did the same thing for XConq, got the same reactions.
Freeciv and XConq were the painful mingw projects I referred to when
this thread started.  Well, and all their support libraries too.  Well,
kicking zlib into VS 2003 buildable shape wasn't so hard, but it was
futzy.  Like ripping off a <dirent.h> implementation and that sort of
thing.  I'm sooooo uninterested in mingw now.

It feels like I've been at "heavy duty e-mail" for a week.  Checking
dates, it's only been 3 days for this thread, but that's way more than
enough.  Even I have my limits, amazingly enough.  As of this post, I'm
bowing out of this thread.

I made the point I wanted to make in my 1st post.  Linux-to-Windows
cross-compilation is a Windows avoidance strategy, not a Windows support
strategy.  As such, Linux guys may want it, but Windows guys don't.
We'd like VS 2003 support, or nothing, thanks much.  Makefiles with MSVC
as the backend are ok, just please don't assume a Cygwin / mingw build
and header file environment.

I'll be looking at cross-platform build tools, but that's like OCaml
project priority #5 right now.  It seems there are several competing
OCaml build tools out there  For instance, ocalibs has its own tool
called ocalibsmake.  Plus non-OCaml build tools to consider.  A lot of
tools to chug through.  I don't have time right now.

Oh, and if you're wondering where to get the free MSVC compiler sans
Visual Studio IDE, it's at:
http://msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/vctoolkit2003/  So don't say Microsoft
never gave ya nuthin'.  :-) They're reeeel generous, they just love you
all over.

> But that's like complaining about going to a Perl meeting and hearing
> about parsing or going to an Emacs meeting and hearing about Lisp.

Indeed, part of why I dropped Python is there's nothing worthwhile in
that community for 3D graphics.  I did a lot of looking and digging.
Nothing is past the "Hey, we've got an OpenGL wrapper!" stage.  Well,
neither is OCaml, but OCaml has performance and Python doesn't.

> Frankly, through all your talk on all these forums, I have never yet
> seen even one single substantive thing come out of it.  I
> think you are all talk and no do.  In other words, a troll.
> [...]
> Or /dev/null, preferably.  Since the set of your projects is
> pretty much the same as the contents of that file.

You're welcome to come over to ocamlgames, ocaml-biz, or the COCAN wiki
at any time.  I haven't seen you at any of those venues, so perhaps
you're just prone to the Law Of Selective Observation.  If you have
serious work to discuss, we can do so.

Cheers,                     www.indiegamedesign.com
Brand*n Van Every           S*attle, WA

"Troll" - (n.) Anything you don't like.
Usage: "He's just a troll."

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