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Announcing OMake 0.9.4
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Date: 2005-01-05 (04:33)
From: Aleksey Nogin <nogin@c...>
Subject: Announcing OMake 0.9.4
The OMake Team is proud to announce a new release of the OMake Build
System - OMake 0.9.4.

OMake is a build system, similar to GNU make, but with many additional

     o Support for large projects spanning several directories or
       directory hierarchies.

     o Comes with a default configuration file providing support for
       OCaml, C and LaTeX projects, or a mixture thereof.
       Often, a configuration file is as simple as a single line

          OCamlProgram(prog, foo bar baz)

       which states that the program "prog" is built from the files
       foo.ml, bar.ml, and baz.ml.

     o Fast, reliable, automated dependency analysis using MD5 digests.

     o Portability: omake provides a uniform interface on Win32 and
       on Unix systems including Linux and Mac OS X.

     o Builtin functions that provide the most common features of
       programs like grep, sed, and awk.  These are especially useful on

     o Full native support for rules that build several things at once
       (such as ocamlopt building .cmx and .o).

     o Active filesystem monitoring, where the build automatically
       restarts whenever you modify a source file.  This can be very
       useful during the edit/compile cycle.

     o A companion command interpreter, osh, that can be used

The home site for OMake is http://omake.metaprl.org/

OMake version 0.9.4 contains a large number of enhancements and bug
fixes, including:

   - Portability improvements. OMake should now compile and work under
     Windows 2000, Windows NT and FreeBSD. A number of Windows-specific
     bugs are fixed. A Windows installer is added.

   - OMake now uses the built-in versions of the following commands:
        cp, mv, mkdir, rm, rmdir, chmod

   - Improvements to the filesystem watch functionality. In particular,
     the build will now restart if a change to one of the OMakefiles is

   - Added a USE_OCAMLFIND variable that can be used to force or prohibit
     the usage of ocamlfind in a project (by default USE_OCAMLFIND is set
     to true iff the ocamlfind executable is found in path).

   - Added a "--force-dotomake" option to create all .omc and .omo files
     under $HOME/.omake/cache and a "--dotomake" option to specify an
     alternative to $HOME/.omake

   - Added :squash: dependencies (that specify that a dependency must
     be built, but when the dependency changes, it does not cause the
     target to be rebuilt).

   - OMake will now read ~/.omakeinit and ~/.omakerc files on startup.

   - Improved the latex-related rules.

   - Documentation improvements.

   - Bugs fixed: 142, 153, 311, 313, 314, 316, 332, 333, 339, 350, 360,
     361, 366, 367, 368, 374, 375. See
     for details.

OMake 0.9.4 is still an alpha release.  While we have made an effort to
ensure that it is bug-free, it is possible some functions may not behave
as you would expect.  Please report any comments and/or bugs to the
mailing list omake at metaprl.org and/or at http://metaprl.org/bugzilla

OMake is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
OMake configuration files are distributed under the terms of an MIT-like
license. OMake sources, as well as a number of Linux and Windows
binaries are available from the OMake home page at http://omake.metaprl.org/

Aleksey Nogin

Home Page: http://nogin.org/
E-Mail: nogin@cs.caltech.edu (office), aleksey@nogin.org (personal)
Office: Jorgensen 70, tel: (626) 395-2907