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WSEAS Biomedical Sciences, Biophysics, Bioengineering. Invitation for papers and special Sessions. Citation Indexes.
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Date: 2005-03-02 (21:48)
From: Dr. Kostas Passadis <worldece@c...>
Subject: WSEAS Biomedical Sciences, Biophysics, Bioengineering. Invitation for papers and special Sessions. Citation Indexes.
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DEADLINE:  April 15, 2005

                          CALL FOR PAPERS 

We have important announcements for the WSEAS BioScience and BioTechnology Group

Vouliagmeni, Athens, GREECE, July 15-17, 2005

The proceedings for this WSEAS Conference  
are covered by the following Science Citation Indexes:                         
Mathematical Reviews, ELP, NLG, Engineering Index, 
Directory of Published Proceedings, ZENTRABLATT, 
British Library, Swets Information Services

For your accomodation in the Sea Resort of Vouliagmeni
(15 Kms away from Athens)
the organizers achieved incredible low prices
in a wonderful 4-Star Hotel 

The 8th International Symposium on Molecular Electronics and 
BioComputing, organized by Prof. Geza Biczo, Founding (first) President of ISMEBC,

SPECIAL SESSION 1:  Computer Applications in BIOmedicine, 
HEalth Care & MEDicine (BIOHEMED '05), 
organized by Dr. A.Lazakidou, Health Informatics Laboratory, 
University of Piraeus, Greece.

SPECIAL SESSION 2:  Gene Expression Analyses With Microarrays - 
Applications & Research, organized by Dr. Andriani Daskalaki, 
Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 

SPECIAL SESSION 3:  The Biomagnetometre SQUID as diagnostic tool 
in Medicine, organized by Prof. Photios Anninos, 
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece.


Prof. Stavros Hamodrakas,
Department of Biology
University of Athens,

Prof. Ezio Venturino,
University of Torino,
Department of Mathematics

Prof. Photios Anninos
Prof. of Medical Physics
Department of Medicine
Democritus University of Thrace
Alexandroupolis, GREECE

Prof. Mats Gyllenberg
Rolf Nevanlinna Institute
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Helsinki

Prof. Feride Severcan
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, TURKEY

Dr. Athina Lazakidou,
Health Informatics Laboratory,
Univeristy of Piraeus, Piraeus, GREECE

Gerhard Artmann (Germany)
Ralf Metzler (Denmark)
Eugen Gheorghiu (Romania)
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (France)
Jean-Yves Le Guennec (France)
Lennart Nilsson (Sweden)
Nir Ben-Tal (Israel)
Jack Tuszynski (Canada)
Paolo Freguglia (Italy)
Roberto Hornero (Spain)
A. Kubo (Japan)
Mustafa Djamgoz (UK)
Subhendu Ghosh (India)
Derek Linkens (UK)
F. Grizzi (Italy)
Zarreen Farooqi (USA)
S. Ghosal (USA)
Ryszard Tadeusiewicz (Poland)
Borys Kierdaszuk (Poland)
Giovanna Morgavi (Italy)
H. Mann (USA)
M. Maddouri (Tunisia)
R. Lopez-Cruz (USA)
Piotr Wasiewicz (Poland)
Tuan Pham (Australia)
T. Suzuki (Japan)
S. Dey (USA)
H. Messai (Tunisia)
Ricardo Barbosa (Belgium)
Oscar Angulo Torga (Spain)
James Araujo (Brazil)
Robyn Araujo (Australia)
Petro Babak (USA)
Mohammad Badri (USA)
Rita Balocchi (Italy)
Michele Barbi (Italy)
Ross Barnard (Australia)
Armando Barreto (USA)
Farida Benmakrouha (France)
Guy Berry (France)
Sergei Bespamyatnikh (USA)
Constantinos Koutsojannis (Greece)
Michael Brimacombe (USA)
Nicholas F. Britton (UK)
Carlos Caldeira (Portugal)
Pierre-Yves Calland (France)
David Cameron (UK)
Chi Chen (USA)
Chyuan-Sing Cheng (Taiwan)
Santi Chillemi (Italy)
Ross Clement (UK)
Ramiro Concepcisn (Spain)
Chris Cosner (USA)
John Dallon (USA)
Carlos D'Attellis (Argentina)
Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo (Mauritius)
Troy Day (Canada)
Filomena de Santis (Italy)
Alexandre Dobly (Belgium)
Shinji Doi (Japan)
David A. Drew (USA)
Oliver Ebenhfh (Germany)
Mourad Elloumi (Tunisia)
Jose Manuel Faro- Rivas (Spain)
Robert Finkel (USA)
Vladimir Flores (Argentina)
Catherine Garcia-Riembert (Mexico)
Gfran Gfran (Sweden)
Hugues Greenberg (USA)
Donald Grizzi (Italy)
John Guardiola (Italy)
Lechoslaw Hacia (Poland)
Hatsuo Hayashi (Japan)
Karl Javorszky (Austria)
Winfried Just (USA)
Leonard Kaczmarek (USA)
Mohammad Kamal (USA)
Sun Kim (Korea)
Greg Knowles (Australia)
Martin H. Kroll, (USA)
Yang Kuang (USA)
Tor A. Kwembe (USA)
Stanislava Labatova (Slovakia)
Haydee Lanzillotti (Brazil)
Byungkook Lee (USA)
Edwin Lewis (USA)
Jos? L. Mart?n (Spain)
Vasilij Marzeniuk (USA)
Amiza Mat Amin (Malaysia)
Ronald Mickens (USA)
Christoph Mitchell (UK)
Iwona Mroz (Poland)
Miriam Nuno (USA)
Raffaella Ocone (UK)
Bjorn Olsson (Sweden)
Neli Ortega (Brazil)
Celina P. Le?o Portugal)
Enrique Peacock-Lopez (USA)
Ernesto Pereda (Spain)
Julia Ponomarenko (Russia)
Javier Ramirez-Fernandez (Brazil)
S. M. S. Reyhani (UK/USA)
N. Rezaei-Ghaleh, (Iran)
Diana Rubio (Argentina)
Alex Samoletov (UK)
Rinaldo Schinazi (USA)
Xiangrong Sheng (China)
Stanislaw Sieniutycz (Poland)
Manmohan Singh (Austalia)
Jaroslaw Smieja (Poland)
Angelique Stephanou (USA)
Bahram Tafaghodinia (Iran)
Jean Tchuenche (Canada)
Gerda de Theraulaz (France)
Francisco Torrens (Spain)
Bill Tozier (USA)
Reidun Twarock (UK)
Olgierd Unold (Poland)
Fabio Vries (Canada)
Tarynn M. Witten (USA)
Alfred Fritz Karl Zehe (Mexico)
Virapong Prachayasittikul (Thailand)

The main registration fees before May 15  are:
WSEAS Members: ...........330 EUR
WSEAS non-Members: ....380 EUR

The main registration fees after May 15  are:
WSEAS Members: ...........400 EUR
WSEAS non-Members: ....450 EUR 

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