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ANNOUNCE: Ocamlnet 1.1
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Date: 2005-07-25 (23:42)
From: Gerd Stolpmann <info@g...>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Ocamlnet 1.1
Hi list,

The Ocamlnet project announces version 1.1 of this library collection.
This release focuses on important additions:

- Nethttpd is a library with HTTP 1.1 daemon functionality. The core
  of this daemon is quite complete; almost all HTTP 1.1 core features
  are supported (more or less only multipart/byteranges are omitted). 
  The daemon can serve static and dynamic pages. There are two
  operating modes: In reactive mode, the server works sequentially,
  and in event-based mode, the server can do multiplexing. What is
  still missing are ready-to-use MPM containers (but it is already very 
  easy to create a multi-threaded server with very good performance).

  Nethttpd was sponsored by Alex Baretta's company Baretta s.r.l.
  and implemented by me. Thank you, Alex. Nethttpd is released under
  the GPL (unlike the rest of Ocamlnet).

- Smtp is a simple SMTP client library, i.e. it can transfer mail
  messages to a mail server. 

  Smtp is a contribution by Pierre Habouzit.

Furthermore, there are a few bugfixes:

- Netmime.write_mime_message: A bug in CR/LF handling has been resolved.

- The FastCGI library can now handle POST requests larger than 4K

- Newer versions of the PCRE library are now supported.

The addition of Nethttpd also made some refactoring necessary:

- There is a new Nethttp module with common functions for all components
  dealing with HTTP. Nethttp includes an almost complete set of parsers
  and printers for the individual HTTP headers.

- The cgi_environment class type has been extended. Especially,
  one can now set an error logging function.

What is Ocamlnet?

A collection of modules for the Objective Caml language which focus on 
application-level Internet protocols and conventions.

The current distribution contains:

- a mature implementation of the CGI protocol

- an implementation of the JSERV protocol (AJP-1.2), can be used with
  mod_jserv (Apache JServ) and mod_jk (Jakarta connector) to connect
  application servers written in O'Caml with web servers

- an implementation of the FastCGI protocol, for the same purpose

- an HTTP daemon, for substituting the web server completely

- a POP3 client

- an SMTP client

- a library of string processing functions related to Internet 
  protocols (formerly known as "netstring" and distributed separately):
  MIME encoding/decoding, Date/time parsing, Character encoding
  conversion, HTML parsing and printing, URL parsing and printing,
  OO-representation of channels, and a lot more.

Ocamlnet is developed as a SourceForge project:


Developers and code contributions are welcome.

Ocamlnet is licensed under the zlib/libpng license, except the HTTP
daemon, which is released under the terms of the GPL.

Gerd Stolpmann * Viktoriastr. 45 * 64293 Darmstadt * Germany 
gerd@gerd-stolpmann.de          http://www.gerd-stolpmann.de
Telefon: 06151/153855                  Telefax: 06151/997714