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Weak hashtables & aggressive caching
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Date: 2006-08-15 (16:17)
From: Matt Gushee <matt@g...>
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] Weak hashtables & aggressive caching
skaller wrote:

>> I wonder how you trigger the GC, to both keep the cache long enough,
>> and to avoid filling the memory too much, and resulting in lots of
>> swapping.
> I'm confused. First, a pixmap doesn't have any pointers in it,
> so it doesn't need to be scanned by the GC.

Does that statement apply to a GdkPixbuf.pixbuf? That is the type I am 

I took Jacques' statement to mean that LablGTK was explicitly invoking 
the GC--though of course I'd like to hear his answer on that point.

> Second, you'd need a LOT of images to come even close
> to running out of address space (on a 64 bit machine anyhow :)

:) Of course, many people are still using those antiquated 32-bit 
processors. I know that real software developers use overpowered 
machines to help insulate them from the constraints that face ordinary 
users. Me, I can't afford a powerful computer, so I guess I'm not a real 

> I have thousands of images and I can scan them at full size
> very fast with GQView .. I can only barely see the drawing
> happen .. it almost keeps up with the keyboard repeat rate
> at full screen size .. and that includes *scaling* the images.
> Mind you .. GQView is extremely quick

Interesting. For me it's neither fast nor slow.

> and it knows when to move on
> (interrupts rendering when you tell it to view a new image).

That's good. I would like to know (or figure out) how to do that with 

> Lets get real here: the difficulties arise editing video,
> not still pictures.

Except for those of us with really old hardware. I imagine there are a 
lot of such folks in Africa; and seeing as America is rapidly becoming a 
Third World country, maybe more then you'd expect here.

Matt Gushee
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