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Re: [Caml-list] Compiling a library with findlib
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Date: 2007-05-14 (10:52)
From: David Allsopp <dra-news@m...>
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] Compiling a library with findlib
> 1. Is it necessary to compile/install the lib;a and files ?
Yes they are both needed: is the bytecode stub library --- so needed for any .cmo file that
uses the C module
lib.a is the native stub library --- linked in when you compile with
ocamlopt for the same purpose

> 2. How can these files be produced (in addition to the .cma and .cmxa
> files) on a system where ocamlfindlib is installed ?
I'm a Windows native port user so detest Makefiles that use ocamlmklib
because the Windows port doesn't include it!

The automation provided by ocamlmklib is IMHO pretty simplistic (see #18.10
in the manual). ocamlmklib -verbose will tell you the commands it uses for
your project - all the ocamlc/ocamlopt commands can then be prefixed with
ocamlfind to import any packages you may need.

When doing ocamlfind install, you just need to include and lib.a with
the files (r17.html#OCAMLFIND.INSTALL of the findlib docs explains how stub
libraries are dealt with).




Here's a snippet from the Makefile I use for doing this under Windows for a
library with a lot of stubs (with some omitted variables for clarity).
NB I prefer to call gcc directly - but ocamlc can of course call gcc for

libMSLStdLib.a: $(O_FILES)
	ar rsc $@ $(O_FILES)

dllMSLStdLib.dll: $(O_FILES)
	gcc -mno-cygwin -mms-bitfields -shared -I $(OCAMLLIB) -L $(OCAMLLIB)
-o $@ $(O_FILES) -locamlrun

MSLStdLib.cma: $(CMI_FILES) $(CMO_FILES) dllMSLStdLib.dll
	ocamlfind ocamlc $(PACKAGES) -a -o $@ $(CMO_FILES) -dllib

MSLStdLib.cmxa: $(CMI_FILES) $(CMX_FILES) libMSLStdLib.a
	ocamlfind ocamlopt $(PACKAGES) -a -o $@ $(CMX_FILES) -cclib

install: MSLStdLib.cma MSLStdLib.cmxa $(CMI_FILES) $(CMX_FILES) META
dllMSLStdLib.dll libMSLStdLib.a
	ocamlfind install MSLStdLib META MSLStdLib.cma MSLStdLib.cmxa
MSLStdLib.a libMSLStdLib.a $(CMI_FILES) $(CMX_FILES) dllMSLStdLib.dll

%.o: %.c
	gcc -O -Wall -Wno-unused -mms-bitfields -mno-cygwin -I $(OCAMLLIB)
-c $*.c